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  • 3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet

3D 5X(+/-65Degrees) Waterjet

Teenking 3D waterjet is the most powerful 5 axis cutting system in the waterjet cutting industry. It can eliminate the waterjet kerf taper and corner large taper cut on flat or unflat or even 3D surface.
Product Description

 3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet


3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) WaterjetThe 3D cutting, that is, the 5-axis linkage cutting, the head can cut the workpiece surface at different angles, and can cut the cutting cross section of the vertical, the inclined, and the gradual angle. In most basic form, the 5-axis head can be easily programmed from a 2-D cad file to create a variety of bevels on the plate edge. Such features are commonly required to provide weld preparations.

3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) WaterjetFull 5-axis articulation allows these bevels to follow contours on the profile without the need for solid models or any dedicated 5-axis programming techniques.

3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) WaterjetReal five axis interpolation to manage bevel and free form 3D cutting. A fully vector based calculation in improve cutting quality. Combine with one or several 2D cutting heads.

3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet5 axis 3D head with height tracking system (Optional)/5Axis 3D head.
3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet3D Head Main Applications

3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet01. Compensation for vertical cutting: Eliminate bevel, cutting out the high degree of vertical work piece.
3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet02. Cutting with big angel: It can accurately cut out tilt angle within +/- 65 degrees.
3D 5X(+/-90 Degrees) Waterjet03. Comparison of three different 5-axis cutting heads.


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