Pure waterjet cutting machine and ordinary waterjet cutting machine are the same in principle but the effect of water is different. Although it is actually the cutting of materials by high-speed water flow, in pure water cutting, water is the cutting tool. In abrasive waterjet cutting machine, high-pressure water is used to accelerate the abrasive particles. In practice, it is the abrasive that plays a cutting role.

The cutting materials of pure water jet and sand water jet are different. Although both use high-pressure generators to achieve high cutting efficiency, the speed of pure water cutting is not ideal when cutting harder materials. It is also the basis of the initial development of abrasive water jet technology. But in some fields, pure water cutting has advantages over abrasive water cutting, such as paper products, compacted materials, plastics, foams, textiles or food.

Teenking pure water jet manufacturers is mainly divided into food, leather material, sponge rubber, etc. in the soft industry. The pure water jet can automatically cut out selectable shapes, and the speed is faster. For the food industry, pure water The knife is non-toxic, and it is also environmentally friendly. The pure water jet does not make a lot of noise when cutting. Although pure water jets are not very common in the market, we believe that pure water jets will exert its advantages in different industries.

The characteristics of teenking pure water jet Manufacturers are as follows

1. It can reach very fine water flow (common diameter range: 0.004 to 0.010 inches);

2. Very detailed geometric shapes;

3. Very little material cutting loss;

4. No heat is generated when cutting;

5. The cutting thickness can be very large;

6. Can cut very thin samples;

7. Fast cutting speed;

8. Ability to cut soft and light materials (such as fiber glass insulation materials up to 24" thick);

9. Very small cutting force;

10. Simple fixture;

11. It can operate continuously 24 hours a day.

  • Pure Waterjet

    Pure Waterjet

    The movement mechanism and the cutting platform separate, each does not affect each other.






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