Precision Cutting

Waterjet cutting machine with 5 axis DYP tilting head is mainly use for high precision industry.
For waterjet cutting machine, its main advantage is in cutting thickness and precision.Now take the control to cutting machine as an example to make a simple analysis of these two aspects, specifically as follows:

The precision of CNC waterjet cutting machine strictly speaking, CNC water jet than flame, plasma cutting machine can be more accurate cutting, but is not a precision machining machine, should not be marked precision.

When cutting sheet material below 10mm, the cutting speed and compensation can be properly controlled, and the error can be +-0.1mm.

The maximum cutting thickness of cnc control water jet is not clearly defined, because the target distance of water jet is uncertain or variable, the maximum can be called 400, 500mm, conservative said within 100mm, are reasonable.The general flow rate of the existing CNC water cutters is 2 ~ 3 liters, and the working pressure is 200 ~ 380MPa. The efflux passes through the air resistance, and the energy attenuation is extremely fast. When it reaches 400 or 500mm, it is basically dispersed by the wind, and there is no striking force.

For general use, the thickness of cutting sheet metal is recommended not to exceed 100mm, and the thickness of foaming materials such as sponge is recommended not to exceed 300mm.


As a waterjet cutting machine matures and application expands,and high pressure CNC waterjet cutting machine gradually into a growth period, it also development to the machine industry over this year,relying to more high precision CNC platform,waterjet cutting machine can be used for precision machining,to extend the application of waterjet cutting to a wider range of skilled workers. Not rather only in glass、ceramic、and stone.


Teenking waterjet manufacturers specifically for the industry's demand match out the more suitable for collocation, 5 axis DYP waterjet, for example, the department of water jet not only to the precision of the ceramic stone material will be higher than the other two options, in addition, some industries a tighter degree of accuracy for 5 axis will add IGEMS software support, the popularity of this software at home and abroad is very high, 30 years to focus on waterjet cutting machine CAM development.





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