Stone parquet is widely used in the decoration of floors and countertops in modern buildings. With its natural beauty (color, texture, material) and people's artistic ideas, it "spells out" exquisite patterns. Stone parquet is currently the most beautiful and noble decorative product in stone decoration, and it is very popular among designers and consumers. Stone parquet is composed of a variety of graphics. It used to be made by traditional band saws, wire saws, and handmade. However, traditional production methods have been difficult to complete more complex patterns. Even if they are processed, the fit between the curves Also bad. Using high-pressure abrasive water jet cutting technology to process stone special pieces can solve these problems well.


        High-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machine, also known as water jet, is a new technology developed using water jet technology and high-speed grinding technology. Its principle is: pressurize water to a pressure of 200-400mpa, so that the water has a huge The pressure energy is sent to the nozzle with a small aperture. At this time, the material is added, and the water and the abrasive are mixed and sprayed at a high speed twice the speed of sound to form a cutting effect on the stone workpiece. This cutting action is completed by three forces: the erosion of solid abrasives, the shearing action of water with abrasives on the workpiece, and the micromachining action of abrasives on the surface of the workpiece. This processing method has the advantages of no heat-affected zone, small processing force, wide processing range and processing of complex shapes on the workpiece that other processing methods do not have. Therefore, its development provides a practical means for difficult-to-process materials, especially in It shows great potential in processing brittle materials such as ceramics, stone and glass, composite materials, and titanium alloys


        Pattern design and modeling, stone parquet graphics can be obtained through scaling after scanning according to the pattern manual. You can also use two-dimensional drawing software to outline graphics. Pattern modeling According to the contour and number of the parquet pattern, when each small pattern is used for 3D solid modeling with 3D software, the drawn 2D parquet pattern can be directly imported into the sketch, and the sketch of the solid shape of the pattern can be received Two-dimensional image with the suffix. Therefore, the drawn two-dimensional mosaic pattern should be saved as a two-dimensional map, which not only saves time, but also ensures that the outline of the two-dimensional mosaic pattern is accurate. The solid modeling of the software has the shape color and material texture, and then through the assembly function, the small patterns are assembled together, and the overall effect of the stone mosaic can be observed. If there is something inappropriate, water jet Manufacturers can modify it.


        Processing high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machine processing is to press water through a nozzle to form a high-pressure water and pressure abrasive water jet in the mixing chamber to cut the material. The characteristics of high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting machine processing are: high processing efficiency, small cutting seams, and flexible processing , Especially the processing of hard and brittle materials has a great advantage.

When programming water jet machining, the tool diameter is actually the slit width. The slit width of abrasive water jet cutting stone is affected by the nozzle diameter, target distance, water pressure flying feed speed and abrasive parameters (abrasive material, particle size) and other parameters. Therefore, before programming, first follow the parameters: nozzle mixing tube inner diameter Q8mm, target distance 2mm, water pressure feed rate garnet abrasive to cut the target material. The measured slit width is 1.2 mm. Therefore, the tool diameter is set to 1.2 mm when the water jet machining is programmed.


      The parquet pattern processed by the high-pressure abrasive water jet with Teenking water jet Manufacturers has high dimensional accuracy, high production efficiency and good consistency, which is especially suitable for mass production. Expanded the application of high-pressure abrasive water jet processing in stone floor mosaic.

  • 3 Axis Cutting Head

    3 Axis Cutting Head

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application.

  • 3 Axis Cutting Head of Water Jet Machine

    3 Axis Cutting Head of Water Jet Machine

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application.

  • 5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 axis beveling  cutting head function is almost same with 5 axis tilted cutting head.

  • 5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 axis 3D head with height tracking system (Optional)/5Axis 3D head.

  • water blasting head

    water blasting head

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application.

  • Double Cutting Head

    Double Cutting Head

    For cutting thin material, you can use a small orifice (at this time that he big orifice would lead to cutting speed is slow down).

  • Multiple Cutting Heads

    Multiple Cutting Heads

    According to the working principle of double cutting head, when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly.





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