Glass products are increasingly used in various industries. On the one hand, teenking Water jet Manufacturers promote the development of the glass industry, and on the other hand, they also put forward more diversified needs for the glass industry. The addition of waterjet cutting technology provides a quick and convenient solution for the diversity of glass products.

     For flat glass, waterjet cutting machine can process any geometric figures you want. Whether it is glass crafting or drilling waterjet cutting machine, it can be handy. Its main features are: diverse, accurate and beautiful, the incision does not touch the porcelain, and the incision is frosted

    No heat is generated during cutting, no arc marks are caused at the cutting seam, safe, environmentally , no need for reprocessing and easy to reprocess;


    It can cut and punch any curve, no mold is needed, it is flexible and convenient, the work piece does not need special clamping, and the operation is simple and convenient;

     The cutting seam is only 1 mm, the cut surface is smooth, without edge bursts, and the cutting range is wide. The thickness of the glass can reach 100 mm.  

    Nowadays, the glass panels of many home appliances need waterjet cutting, lamps; craft glass; bathroom products, etc.; architectural decoration glass; furniture glass; automotive glass; mirror glass, etc.

Due to the limitation of the fragile nature of glass, if mechanical cutting is used, there will be a large amount of waste of materials, the production of finished products will be improved, and the work efficiency will be reduced. There are high-consumption cutting methods, such as laser, plasma and other thermal cutting methods, which are rarely used. If it is a manual cutting method, the efficiency is low, and the point is that it is very difficult to cut curves, and the cutting of complex graphics is also inoperable. The use of water cutting, a high-tech cutting method, after understanding the factors that affect waterjet cutting machine, and using it reasonably and efficiently, the following advantages are summarized in practice:

1. For flat glass, any geometric figures can be processed; the cutting size is precise and beautiful, and there is no burr at the cut;

2. No heat is generated during the cutting process, no environmental pollution, no health damage to the operator. The cutting seam will not cause scratches, it is safe and environmentally friendly, without reprocessing or easy secondary processing;

3. It can also cut and perforate any curve, and it does not require a mold at all, and the workpiece does not require special clamping at all. The operation is simple and convenient, saving time and effort.

4. The cutting seam is only 1mm, the cut surface is smooth and smooth, without edge bursts, and the cutting range is wide. The thickness of the cut glass can reach 100mm;

Since water cutting is a non-contact cutting, this type of cutting will not cause glass breakage at all; especially for the cutting of laminated glass (that is, two layers of glass sandwiched between a layer of plastic), and if you use traditional diamond tools Processing method Because the upper and lower glass slits are really difficult to align, the laminated layer in the glass is difficult to cut, and the cut surface adhesive layer stretches and shrinks and deforms. It is difficult to apply to this kind of material processing, but it is cut with an ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine. After the three layers of different materials, you will find that there is no deviation in the cutting surface, and the material properties will not be affected at all. It is necessary to pay attention to the brittleness of the glass in glass cutting. The workpiece must be carefully supported to avoid bending stress in the glass due to the unevenness of the supporting surface. The effect around the cutting point is similar to a stress concentration point.

Teenking water jet manufacturers, as the "behind-the-scenes operator" of glass products and glass crafts, brings us beautiful experience, spiritual perception, and brings more convenience and higher artistic enjoyment to our production and life.

  • 3 Axis Cutting Head

    3 Axis Cutting Head

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application.

  • 5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 axis 3D head with height tracking system (Optional)/5Axis 3D head.

  • 5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 axis beveling  cutting head function is almost same with 5 axis tilted cutting head.

  • Double Cutting Head

    Double Cutting Head

    For cutting thin material, you can use a small orifice (at this time that he big orifice would lead to cutting speed is slow down).

  • Multiple Cutting Heads

    Multiple Cutting Heads

    According to the working principle of double cutting head, when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly.






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