3D Forming

3D forming cutting. Various processing methods are in full bloom, including laser, flame cutting, and Water jet Manufacturers. Various cutting methods have their own advantages, but also have certain limitations, each occupying a part of the market. However, among the many cutting methods, only water cutting is cold cutting, which directly uses the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet to cut the metal to achieve the cutting purpose. There is no chemical change during the cutting process, and it has no effect on the physical and chemical properties of the cutting material. , No thermal deformation, narrow cutting, high precision, smooth cut surface, clean and pollution-free, etc., can process materials that traditional processing and other processing methods cannot or are difficult to process, such as glass, ceramics, composite materials, etc. With the further deepening of people's understanding of water cutting technology, the market has gradually realized the unique advantages of water cutting technology and metal cutting industry.

Compare with laser cutting ,Although laser cutting speed is far superior to waterjet cutting machine .Generally speaking,laser cutting cannot be higher than 16mm metal plate.However, there is still a certain heat-affected zone around the laser cutting material. The thickness of the waterjet cutting machine metal material can reach 50mm or more, and it has no effect on the material. In addition, the waterjet cutting machine has no restriction on the cutting material. Based on these factors, many users who choose laser or other cutting methods will switch to water cutting machines.

The CNC platform superior to "Water jet Manufacturers " adopts precision transmission technology of ball screw and rolling linear guide, and the control accuracy is within 0.02mm. At the same time, the nozzle of the sand water jet and the focusing performance of the cutting head and the long-life nozzle The technological breakthrough of the material is matched with the continuous and stable work of the 400mpa high-power ultra-high pressure system, the automatic sand supply and sand control, and the high-pressure water start and stop control system, so that the "Water jet Manufacturers" can continuously cut and cut in 24 hours. Automatic processing.

Water jet Manufacturers has powerful computer-aided design and control functions, especially at corners and sharp corners, which automatically decelerate, making the cutting surface smooth and smooth. Aiming at this industry, Water jet Manufacturer's 3D cutting head has been upgraded to the fifth generation, with high-precision vertical cutting, and the tilt cutting capacity can reach up to 90 degrees. The new 3D cutter head can cut with a larger inclination, and can also cut with multiple bevels according to different angles. There are also some 3D three-dimensional work pieces.

  • 3 Axis Cutting Head

    3 Axis Cutting Head

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application.

  • 5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

    5 axis 3D head with height tracking system (Optional)/5Axis 3D head.

  • 5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

    5 axis beveling  cutting head function is almost same with 5 axis tilted cutting head.

  • Drilling head

    Drilling head

    According to the working principle of double cutting head, when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly.

  • Double Cutting Head

    Double Cutting Head

    For cutting thin material, you can use a small orifice (at this time that he big orifice would lead to cutting speed is slow down).

  • Multiple Cutting Heads

    Multiple Cutting Heads

    According to the working principle of double cutting head, when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly.





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