Pure Waterjet

 Pure waterjet cutting machine

      Teenking waterjet manufacturers have two kind of Waterjet cutting machine.These are pure waterjet cutting machine and abrasive waterjet cutting machine, both have unique characteristics.However, pure waterjet is the earliest waterjet cutting method, the first commercial use dates back to 1970, for cardboard.Now the biggest application of pure waterjet is to cut soft materials, such as sponge, rubber, compared with other technologies, water jet technology on the material to leave the least moisture.

The characteristics of pure water water jet:

1. Very thin water flow (0.004-0.010 inches in diameter)

2. The thickness of the cut can be very thick

3. less material lost

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

5. Minimum cutting force

         Teenking waterjet manufacturers Pure waterjet cutting head:

The basic waterjet flow consists of water flowing out of the pump, through the pipe, and out of the cutting head.In waterjet cutting, the material removal process can be called supersonic erosion technology.It is the speed of the water, not the pressure, that displaces the material particles.Pressure and velocity are two distinct forms of energy.But how is the water pressure in the pump converted to another form of energy (the water speed)?The answer is a small ruby.There is a ruby at the end of the pipe.There is a tiny hole in the ruby.High pressure water flows through this tiny opening, converting pressure into speed.At approximately 40,000 psi, the water flowing out of the nozzle travels at Mach 2.At 60,000 psi, it's over Mach 3.

       Pure water jet advantage: very clean working condition(because cut without abrasive, no water and dust splash, low noise, small kerf (0.15mm only), no cutting deformation. Less power consumption(around 8KW) , low cutting cost, long maintenance free time, low maintenance cost, low purchasing cost... and so on.

        The movement mechanism and the cutting platform separate, each does not affect each other.

         The X, Y two axis wire rod is directly connected to the motor through the elastic coupling, which absorbs vibration and has higher transmission precision in CNC Pure waterjet cutting machine. 

         The loading and unloading space is big, especially suitable for the material size irregular, the loading and unloading way is not fixed, if you purchase the CNC Pure waterjet cutting machine equipment to undertake the external cutting processing primarily.

         With different power of pump or different diameter of orifice, customer can choose to add more cutting heads to improve work efficiency, two heads or four heads pure waterjet is much more popular in the market. Please contact us for more waterjet solution.

Pure Waterjet

Pure Waterjet

Pure Waterjet

Pure Waterjet





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