Multiple Cutting Heads

Multiple Cutting Heads   

 TEENKING as a professional waterjet machine manufactures, designed 3 axis multi head and 4head water jet machine, and 5 axis multi cutting head ( such as water jet machine with 2 DYP cutting head , or with 3D cutting head, or with 2D cutting head + 3D head etc.).Therefore, this part is mainly introducing multi / 4 cutting head waterjet cutting machine.

       The working principle of the 4 cutting head water jet is like that of the single-cutting head waterjet. The main difference is: 4 cutting heads can work at the same time, or one or two cutting heads can be selected to work, and the other non-working cutting heads can be moved and rest at the end of the X axis. This free choice of working cutter head is very user-friendly and convenient.

       Since the 4 cutting head waterjet cutting machine is the same as the ordinary waterjet machine, there is no restriction on the choice of materials. Therefore, no matter thin material, thick material, soft material, hard material can be cut, and it is free to choose the cutting that needs work the number of cutting heads and adjusting the distance between the heads will not affect the cutting range of other working cutting heads.

       Now we do some analysis on the cutting materials of our 4-cutting head machine. Generally, when cutting thick and hard materials, you need large-diameter orifice and a large-flow rate pump to achieve the effect of doubling the cutting capacity. Otherwise, if only a 50HP single pump is used to do 4- cutting head, it is almost inefficient. Moreover, the flow requirement of a 4-head cutting machine is twice that of a single-head cutting machine. Therefore, if it is a 4-cutting-head waterjet machine, then the best configuration is to use two 50HP high-pressure pumps, or with two high-pressure pumps. A high-flow rate pump with one intensifier. (About 600MPA large flow rate pump and dual booster high pressure pump are described in detail in the chapter of high-pressure pump).

       As a professional manufacturer of waterjet machines, whether it is single cutting head, multi-cutting head, and 5-axis cutting heads, is very professional and its sales quantity is also very good. In addition, it has a technical relationship with the agent. Teen king’s close cooperation and exchanges are almost a leader in the waterjet industry, with distributors all over the world.

       If you are interested in selling Teen king brand waterjet cutting machines, please contact sales and we will provide you with the best diversified cooperation plan or sales plan to achieve mutual benefit.

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According to the working principle of double cutting head, when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly. Of course, if you want to cut thick and hard material, It can also be multi cutting head, but just the pump power should be increased correspondingly.

4 Cutting Head Design of Teenking Water Jet

     1-4 cutting head can working simultaneously, the cutting head distance can be adjusted, and the number of cutting head can be chosen freely. Without use of cutting head can be move to end of beam, and which can not affect the available cutting range of other cutting head.


    Due to the 4 head cutting water flow is 1 item of single head cutting, so must to selects the high-pressure pump with 2 intensifiers, or 2 separated big flowing rate high pressure pump, to support four cutting head with a full load of sand cutting.




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