5 Axis DYP Cutting Head+UHDE

5 Axis DYP Cutting Head +UHDE

We are all familiar with 5-axis DYP tilting head on Teenking waterjet cutting machine.It is a really good waterjet cutting head and shows perfect operationg during waterjet cutting process.

Different from other water jet manufacturers,Our Teenking waterjet cutting machine also provide other waterjet cutting machine which is a famous brand.That is not only can satisfy all requirements from different customers,but also it is a good chance for our Teenking to learn from from other water jet manufacturers,and also establish a good relationship.

What kinds famouns brands of the waterjet cutting machine we can provide?Such as KMT from USA,BFT from Austria and UHDE from Swiss.

Today I would like to introduce UHDE waterjet cutting machine pump.This waterjet cutting machine pump belongs to ALLIFI company since 1991.They focus on water jet high –pressure technology.Especially for ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine pump.

For example ,The main parameter of the hot sale model:S 6045/D 6045:

The power is 45 KW,Max flow rate is 3.0L/min,max.operating pressure is 6000 bar with oil air cooler (5-35℃).Low noise level: ≤ 75. 

As we all know,the standard max.working pressure of waterjet cutting machine is4200bar,if reach to 6000bar,it must require a better technology and also a better quality for the waterjet cutting machine pump.Or else,It can shows a perfect cutting during waterjet cutting process.

ALLFI company is one of the perfect waterjet jet manufacturers for producing ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine pump.So what situation needs UHDE waterjet cutting machine pump?

For example,if you wants to cut a very thicked material,such as 300mm metal.Because standard waterjet cutting machine pump just can deal with the material with the max.thickness around 200mm.

Or if you want a higher cutting speed.For example,for 100mm stainless steel,the average cutting speed of standard waterjet cuuting machine pump is 10mm/min,but UHDE ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine pump can reach to 30mm/min.

Or if you want a better cutting effect.For example,if cutting 100mm stainless steel at same speed.The cutting effect of UHDE ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine is better than standard waterjet cutting machine pump.

With such advantages,of course,the price of UHDE ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine pump is higher than standard waterjet cutting machine pump.So when you choose the pump for your waterjet cutting machine,you need to consider your budget,what is the mainly material you cut,what is the cutting speed or cutting effect you expect?

If you find that you still have difficulty to choose the suitable pump for your watejer cutting machine.Please contact TEENKING which is one of the good water jet manufacturers for you to trust.

    A full set of abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes work table, CNC controller, High pressure system with cooling system, Auto abrasive feeder, Water treatment and Sludge Removal System, etc.

    Waterjet can cut almost any materials, including: Stainless steel, hard tool steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, tungsten steel, zirconia, glass, plexiglass, rubber, ceramic, marble, granite, etc.

    Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application. 3 axis cutting head is the common cutting head, which only can vertical cutting, no tilt cutting. Widely used in 3 axis water jet machines.

3 Axis Cutting Head




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