5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

          Except for the great quality of waterjet cutting machine cutting platform,waterjet cutting machine pump,CNC controller is additionally vital for custom water jet cutting.

          Different from alternative water jet makers,The CNC controller of Teenking waterjet cutting machine has such blessings within the following:

---Control System code (NC Studio):

※Friendly management interface ※Reliable and durable operation. ※compatible with IGEMS CAD/CAM/NESTING code, long by module: tile parquet, tube cutting, camera sheet positioning, 3D toolpath generator. ※Dynamic cutting speed/abrasive volume management management Axis piercing height management management cutting height by detector. ※Follow cutting height by optical device scanning system ※Break purpose Resume, Any purpose continue. ※Cutting Time & worth analysis. ※Consumable life Reminder ※Multi-Origins ※Revolve Program ※Simu-mode On geographic point laptop computer laptop computer Diagnose ※Backup-Restore code code Assistant

---Integrated CAD/CAM Software(NC Editor):

※Draw/design your job with simple tool, like sq., circle, polygon, line, and curve. ※ import designed 0.5 from different code with format: dxf, plt, g-code ※Edit lead-in/lead-out, kerf compensation, direction, cut order, set origin, modification size, position. ※Select object(s), or begin purpose, end purpose to machining from program. ※specify entirely completely different speed or beveling angle on each contour of 0.5. Output nce format, compatible with g-code format from IGEMS

          Expect North Carolina computer code,The CNC controller of Teenking Waterjet cutting machine conjointly equipped with IGEMS computer code,which is that the a waterjet cutting machine CAM from Scandinavian country for thirty years.Please see its detaied introduce within the following:

---A trendy CAD/CAM computer code designed for waterjet cutting machines:

          You can build customary second components in IGEMS and add cutting angles subsequently. It' s excellent for quick programming with straightforward styles.You can conjointly produce 3D components from a high and a bottom geomtry. once victimisation this methodology, you'll produce a lot of complicated 3D components victimisation IGEMS.

---Modules & description:

I-CAD-a powerful cad to form give up, compatible with alternative cad format. 

I-CAM-to produce tool path, lead-in, pierce kind, position, set material & thickness... 

AWJ-to produce half and cut with abrasive waterjet. 

5X CAM-import 3D files into IGEMS and place toolpaths on the contour of the model. 

CAM TOOLS-to examine and fix errors from drawings to be used as a base for North Carolina programming 

NEST LEVEL 1-to layout same components on a sheet so as to induce as very little material as doable. 

NEST LEVEL 2- nest completely different components at identical time on a predefined space of any form. 

TUBE CUT-to cut tubes with either C-axis(need extra rotary axis device) or the tube birthing flat on the table. 

SIGN MAKER- will take an image along with your camera and mechanically use it to come up with CAD vectors, or use as a background for manual generation of vectors. 

TILE MAKER- developed for the stone business. It embody a special nesting utility for tile creating and commands for creating inlays(parquet) 

OGENIZER-simple however effective SQL info to store components and alternative documents associated with the half. 

Floating license is that the network license of IGEMS and might be put in in any local area network network. 

DATA EXCHANGE-you will import .wmf, .ps, .eps, .gen, .geo, .igs, .mec, .ord & .tag files, or import your North Carolina code into igems. 

I-CAMERA- It imports associate specifically scaled image and places it right the origo of your drawing, saving time and material.

Please don't hesitate to contact America if you've got any needs, we've got assured that Teenking is best water jet

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head





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