5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

  • Cutting head A, C axis structure

5 axis 3D cutting  head

        TEENKING's 5-axis 3D waterjet cutting machine adopts AC-axis structure, which effectively realizes CNC five-axis linkage cutting.

        Equipped with Yaskawa/Weihong servo motors, effectively improves the accuracy of cutting and control. 

        It adopts an integrated dust-proof sealing structure, and the waterproof level reaches IP68, which improves the service life of the equipment. 

        It adopts imported reduction gear, with less components, simple design and beautiful structure, simple operation, easy to understand, easy to learn, very convenient for maintenance, and lower maintenance cost. 

Equipped with original imported linear guide and ball screw  components, making the whole cutting head more stable and reliable.

        The 3D cutting, that is, the 5-axis linkage cutting, the head can cut the workpiece surface at different angles, and can cut the cutting cross section of the vertical, the inclined, and the gradual angle. In most basic form, the 5-axis head can be easily programmed from a 2-D cad file to create a variety of bevels on the plate edge. Such features are commonly required to provide weld preparations. Full 5-axis articulation allows these bevels to follow contours on the profile without the need for solid models or any dedicated 5-axis programming techniques.

        Real five axis interpolation to manage bevel and free form 3D cutting. A fully vector based calculation in improve cutting quality. Combine with one or several 2D cutting heads.

        5 axis 3D head with height tracking system (Optional)/5Axis 3D head.

3D Head Main Applications

01. Compensation for vertical cutting: Eliminate bevel, cutting out the high degree of vertical work piece.

02. Cutting with big angel: It can accurately cut out tilt angle within +/- 65 degrees.

03. Comparison of three different 5-axis cutting heads.

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

Head Structure

Maxi Degree



Maxi Speed



A Axis:


<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed

C Axis

No limitation

<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed


Main Features

Application Range



A axis beveling itself(+/-750) and rotating around C axis (infinite C axis rotation)

1. Vertical compensation

2. Beveling cut within +/-650

Extensive applications

Very high

Strictly Water and dust proof, design for long lifetime





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