5 Axis 3D Cutting Head+UHDE

Water jet cutting machine of 5 axis 3D cutting with UHDE  high pressure pump

        Teenking brand new waterjet cutting machine - 5 axis 3D head cutting series is the high class of waterjet products. Water jet mainly applicated  in degree tilt cutting and high accuracy cutting request field. 

        5 axis tilted cutting head (3D cutting head) ,  The 5axis  3D cutting head , that is the 5-axis linkage cutting, the head can cut the workpiece surface at different angles, and can cut the cutting cross section of the vertical, the inclined, and the gradual angle.

        5 axis 3D head with Laser height tracking system (Optional) is a perfect combination, high accuracy performance. 

        The main function and application is :Vertical cut compensating, Marble, granite, ceramic parquet, metal etc., Cut with angle max. ±65° degree, even more. The maximum rotation angle of C axis: infinite. /Cut with angle (Max: 90° ) on 3D part surfaces support drawing by other 3D software. 

        5 axis 3D waterjet cutting machine can cut all kinds of material such as steel, metal, marble, granite, ceramic, stone, glass, etc. With Complete function, wide range application, high cutting accuracy, but the cost is higher. In a words, that 5axis waterjet machine price is very favorable. 

        TEENKING Co., is as a skill and 17 years’ experience Water Jet Manufacturers, especially 5axis series waterjet price is very popular and acceptable by oversea market. As everyone knows that waterjet cutting machine can equipped with different series high pressure pump, such as TK 30HP / 40 HP / 50HP pump, TK-Pro (600Mpa) or KMT pump (H2O, Jetline50 etc.), UHDE pump, BHTD pump , direct drive pump etc. No matter what kind of pump is equipped with Teenking waterjet cutting machine, and still performance keep a stably and high cutting efficiency. As profession waterjet cutting machine manufacturers, customer can choose according to  3axis waterjet price or 5 axis waterjet price for choice. In this part we are mainly introduce 5 axis 3D cutting waterjet cutting machine with equipped with UHDE pump (6000 bar) high pressure.

        UHDE brand pump is made in Germany, which have 4000bar and 6000 bar, which one is more better and just depend on customer request. Teenking main sell 6000 bard high pressure .UHTD brand High Pressure Pump of water jet machine has many advantages, such as immediately operational (plug and use), more over with a low running cost and low investing cost. Because of 

        Teenking supplied UHTD high pressure pump is with a very good after service and high- quality components, ensure high pressure technology stably, less parts to wear, easy to do service and maintenance. To be frank, mainly accessories has a long using life and need replacing time also longer. 

        The main technical characteristics of TK pump: When the pump is working, the pressure of the pump can be changed infinitely according to the required material requirements, and the pressure can be kept constant during the pressure change, with smaller pressure fluctuations and fewer pressure cycles. Load, and there is no need to install a booster pump.

        On the other hand, the high-pressure pump has a patent for preventing valve return, which can directly replace the valve body, piston, sealing components, etc., without disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, which is simple and convenient. Another important feature is that it has a high dynamic controller for optimizing pressure and volume adjustment to achieve the effect of saving energy costs. Double synchronous high-pressure cylinders make it easier to install the plunger coupling, and the oil cooling and filtering system can permanently cool and filter the hydraulic oil. It also installs an automatic high-voltage fault system removal method and a multi-language selection function, which is suitable for multiple convenient options for different countries and different customers.   

        A full set of abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes work table, CNC controller, High pressure system with cooling system, Auto abrasive feeder, Water treatment and Sludge Removal System, etc.

        Waterjet can cut almost any materials, including: Stainless steel, hard tool steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, tungsten steel, zirconia, glass, plexiglass, rubber, ceramic, marble, granite, etc.

        Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application. 3 axis cutting head is the common cutting head, which only can vertical cutting, no tilt cutting. Widely used in 3 axis water jet machines.

3 Axis Cutting Head

600MPA Intensifier

TEENKING 600MPA pump is the first one in China with the best stability. It is adopted whole imported intensifier, plus Teenking Unique oil way & pressure control, the maxi stable working pressure can be up to 530mpa.

Looking for cost-effective high-end TK 90k psi intensifier ultra-high pressure pump for water jet machine? Contact Teenking CNC now, which is one of the professional manufacturers in China who is equipped with skillful personnel and advanced equipment. We also deal with customized business to make customers 100% satisfied. Welcome to get our high precision products at competitive price.




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