5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height

       TEENKING's five-axis 3D waterjet cutting machine is able to equipped with a height measurement system, there are total two options. 

       First option is an automatic mechanical height measurement. It has a long history and its been promoted by TEENKING more than ten years. It Is an exclusive design of TEENKING company, 


       The second option is the laser height scanning system, it's produced by WEIHONG company. It is currently the latest and the most popular system in the market.

       Height tracking systems are widely used in three-axis waterjet cutting machines and five-axis waterjet cutting machines.


       If conditions permit, we recommend that the 3D waterjet cutting machine to be equipped with a height measurement system, because the 3D cutting head is a five-axis cutter head that can tilt in a large angle, so the distance between the cutting head to the surface of the work piece is relatively high. , Especially when the tilt is above 45° degrees bevel, the height measurement system is very necessary in this case.

       The height measurement system can effectively track or scan the flatness of the entire work piece, measuring the height with the aid of the sensor and record the data to the CNC software. During the cutting process, the cutting head will adjust according to the data collected in advance and automatically lift up or down the cutting head, it is achieving high-precision cutting effect and greatly avoid accidental damage to the cutting head during the cutting process.

       5 axis 3D Waterjet Cutting Machine with Laser height scanning system or Mechanical height tracking device.

       Two type of height tracking system is mainly used to detect the distance from cutting head to the workpiece, 

       Mechanical height tracking device almost be washing out of market, and the newest Laser height scanning system is perfect and widely used in 3 axis Waterjet Cutting Machine and 5 axis Waterjet Cutting Machine.

       Height measurement with laser scanning, also called sensor-aided height measurement, is a function of automatic height measurement for Water Jet Ejector Manufacturers. With the function, scanning track can be automatically generated according to the workpiece information set in advance.

       In the process of measuring height, the system automatically acquires the benchmark at the scanning start point, then executes continuous scanning at rapid speed according to the preset track. Meanwhile, the laser sensor feeds back precise position.

       Compared with traditional touch-type measurement, sensor-aided height measurement can improve the measuring precision, and avoid possible damage to the workpiece. And it can guarantee the same distance from the tool nose to the workpiece surface. It is especially applicable to workpiece that has three dimensions or irregular surface.

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head + Laser Scan Height




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