5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

  • Cutting head A, C axis structure

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head  

            3D cutting on waterjet cutting equipment is the most advanced application in waterjet cutting equipment industry.

            What is 3D cutting ?It is one of the 5 axis cutting with 3D cutting head.It can angle cut or tilt cut.With a powerful software,such as IGEMS,it also can cut different angle in a material surface,like the “fan”shape.

            Compared with other water jet manufacturers,our waterjet cutting machine with 5 axis 3D heads has such outstanding advantages:

1. Max beveling degree +/-135° ; other water jet manufacturers just can cut with +/- 65 degrees.

2. more Accurate vertical cut; 

3.Taper elimination; 

4.Tilt ahead control/various offset control/leg compensation; 

5.Cutting on 3D surface(need IGEMS support).

            What is 5 axis waterjet cutting equipping mainly used for?In today’s market,the first situation:Customers use it to cut marble to make kitchen table or toilet table.Because it needs 45 degrees and 90 degrees cutting.if with other stone processing machine,it must need second or third production,but with 5 axis 3D waterjet cutting equipment,it can finish at one time to save time and money.The second situation:In metal industry.Such as steel or stainless steel,it always requires a tilt cut to make a tool or make it easy for installation.

            Some customers will worry that is it very difficult to fix it if it occurs some problem for such a complex 5 axis waterjet cutting machine head,.I think you don’t need to worry about that.This technology is very mature and had been tested for a long time before put it into market.It is very low maintenance rate.Even when it has problem,it will not a very serious problem and it is quite easy to solve it.

            Some customers will wonder how much the 5 axis 3D waterjet cutting machine heads cost,is it expensive?No,it is a very favorable price which can deserve its good quality and perfect operation.

            Some customers will ask,the standard waterjet cutting machine can support the 5 axis 3D heads working?Yes,it can support one 5 axis 3D head for abrasive cutting.

            There are many kinds of waterjet cutting equipment in the market.But how to choose the suitable model for yourself?Because a good waterjet cutting equipment only can save money and time but also can bring you a great profit.So please contact Teenking water jet manufacturers for more information.

3D Head Main Applications

01. Compensation for vertical cutting: Eliminate bevel, cutting out the high degree of vertical work piece.

02. Cutting with big angel: It can accurately cut out tilt angle within +/- 65 degrees.

03. Comparison of three different 5-axis cutting heads.

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

5 Axis 3D Cutting Head

Head Structure

Maxi Degree



Maxi Speed



A Axis:


<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed

C Axis

No limitation

<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed


Main Features

Application Range



A axis beveling itself(+/-750) and rotating around C axis (infinite C axis rotation)

1. Vertical compensation

2. Beveling cut within +/-650

Extensive applications

Very high

Strictly Water and dust proof, design for long lifetime





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