3 Axis Cutting Head+UHDE

3 Axis Cutting Head +UHDE

         The TEENKING three axis waterjet is supposed to allow the user to fancy all the advantages of a gantry/cantilever vogue waterjet motion system. in addition, existing waterjet cutting machine were discovered and issues or issues with the present waterjet cutting machine were addressed . this stuff enclosed three axis waterjet cutting platform,waterjet cutting machine pump and three axis waterjet CNC controller.

         The Waterjet cutting machine structure is designed for long life and repair to the client compared with alternative water jet makers. Separate X,Y beam from water capture, no resonance and thermal growth impact from capture. Treated & high frequency vibration aging treatment processed ; stainless-steel defend for motion component's protection. steel structure capture,Stainless steel(S/S 201#) capture high protect, Adjustable drain level, replaceable grids, GHB load capacity: 500kg/M2

         The waterjet cutting machine axes area unit driven with ball screws with GHB speed 30m/min(X&Y axis),2.5m/min( Z axis).And conjointly equipped with YASKAWA Absolute coordinate servo motor system.Compared with alternative water jet makers,Teenking waterjet cutting machine has Tolerance repairing system(patent), Preload rebound between ball bearings, to get rid of linear backlash against exhausted.And it conjointly has optical maser Interfere Compensation:accuracy improved by RENISHAW optical maser measuring device mapping X,Y range.So for the cutting accuracy,we can reach X/Y axis accuracy≤±0 .05 metric linear unit per three hundred metric linear unit.Repositioning accuracy: ≤± zero.015mm.And it order to control handily,Teenking waterjet cutting machine conjointly equipped with Original wireless remote controller from American state Studio as customary configuration.

         Maintenance is incredibly smallest on the TEENKING waterjet cutting machine.The 3 axis waterjet machine needs a service procedure at each 2000 hours or six months whichever happens initial. It involves removing numerous covers. Checking the mechanical drives and ways in which for cleanliness, lubricating the lead screws and ways in which, check and regulate twin nut preloads and/or checking.

         A full set of abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes work table, CNC controller, High pressure system with cooling system, Auto abrasive feeder, Water treatment and Sludge Removal System, etc.

         Waterjet can cut almost any materials, including: Stainless steel, hard tool steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, tungsten steel, zirconia, glass, plexiglass, rubber, ceramic, marble, granite, etc.

         Water jet machine can install standard 3 axis cutting head, 5 axis cutting head or multi cutting head, each one has different functions and application. 3 axis cutting head is the common cutting head, which only can vertical cutting, no tilt cutting. Widely used in 3 axis water jet machines.

3 Axis Cutting Head

600MPA Intensifier

TEENKING 600MPA pump is the first one in China with the best stability. It is adopted whole imported intensifier, plus Teenking Unique oil way & pressure control, the maxi stable working pressure can be up to 530mpa.

Looking for cost-effective high-end TK 90k psi intensifier ultra-high pressure pump for water jet machine? Contact Teenking CNC now, which is one of the professional manufacturers in China who is equipped with skillful personnel and advanced equipment. We also deal with customized business to make customers 100% satisfied. Welcome to get our high precision products at competitive price.




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