TeenKing Direct Drive Pressure Pump

  • Model: TK-ServoD 15KW

Q: Why use direct drive pressure pump?

A1: To avoid environment polluted by the hydraulic oil leakage!

A2: Without cooling system, energy saving 60% (refer to instance below).

A3: 10~15% faster cutting speed and smooth cutting edge benefit by zero pressure fluctuation.

A4: Servo motor direct drive, 90% energy conversion rate, stepless pressure control, zero electricity consume during pausing.

Summary of TeenKing Direct Drive Pump

TeenKing Servo Direct Drive pump is driven by a 15kw servo motor, direct drives the crank triple plunger pump to pressurize water up to 60000psi and 3.6L/min for the water cutting energy.

It presents less pressure fluctuation even without attenuator, high energy transmission efficiency, no need cooling system, and no hydraulic leakage risk… there are many of advantages with this pump

The Advantages of TeenKing Servo Direct Drive Pump (Compare to Intensifier)

1. Motor Power

intensifier use 37KW asynchronous motor, Servo Direct Drive Pump use 15KW servo motor. But the cutting efficiency is almost equal

2. Energy Conversion

The energy conversion rate of TeenKing servo direct drive pump from electricity to high pressure energy is 90%.

But the hydraulic intensifier is just around 60%, main reason is hydraulic system is heating up during the work, need extra cooling system to cool it down, the cooling system consumes electricity.

3. Energy Consumption

The conventional hydraulic intensifier consumes energy to maintain the hydraulic system running during waterjet is pausing

but the servo direct drive pump only consumes energy during cutting.

4. Pressure Fluctuation

The pressure fluctuation of intensifier is big, even via big volume of attenuator, this cause bad cut edge quality.

but direct drive pump almost zero fluctuation, so the cutting efficiency is 10-15% higher than intensifier.

5. Current Requirement

A 50hp Intensifier pump need current 200A to start the motor, it is a huge impact to the electricity system and other electronics in the same factory. But the servo direct drive pump just need a few amperes to start.

Instance Analysis

Normal Work Condition: Working pressure/orifice 50000Psi(350MPa)/ID.013”(0.33mm), working time 8 hours/day, the average high pressure running time averagely 5 hours/day.

The average power consumption of 37KW intensifier is 20 KW/H, 20X8=160 KWH/day, if every year work 300 days, that is 160X300=48000KWH/year.

The average power consumption of Servo direct drive pump is 12KW/H, 12x5=60KWH/day, 60x300=18000 KWH/year.

As a result, the Servo direct drive pump can save power consumption 30000KWH/year, it will be a big

Saving budget for long term usage, and the cutting efficiency even 10%~15% higher.

Pressure Pump Style

Motor direct drive crank case triple plunger pump

Pressure output style:

Servo drive closed loop pressure compensation, output pressure stabilized

Intelligent Start-stop Function:

Zero power consumption during pump pausing.

System Protection:

Over pressure alarm, overload alarm, and feed water under pressure alarm

Max Pressure

415MPa / 60kpsi

Nominal Cutting Pressure


Pressure Fluctuation


Nominal Power


Max Flow


Noise Level


Feed Water Pressure


Feed Water Quality

Dual feed water filters: 5Micron,1micron (water softener is recommended)

Boundary Dimension


Power Supply

380VAC, 50Hz (60Hz), 3 Phase

Energy Transmission Level


Environment Evaluation

No hydraulic oil needed, no environment pollution.





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