Oil-fan Cooler

Intensifier is hydraulic drive and the heat generated by the hydraulic pump it is necessary for cooling down. Teenking Air-cooled radiator is using fan directly to blow oil temperature, make the oil temperature remains within the range of 20 degrees above room temperature. Teenking also installed pressure filter and monitor for peak pressure, which is generated by intensifier stroking, thus to protect the fan cooling plate for long life working.

Teenking provide single oil can cooler system and double oil fan cooler system , usually time , the double oil fan cooler is used in very hot country, such as Middle East countries, and double fan is regular applicated in others country.  Separated fan and Loop small oil pump can let cooler more efficiency.

The advantages are: low energy consumption, small size, maintenance-free, efficient and environmentally friendly, reliable and durable. The only weakness is: higher cost than the water tower.




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