IGEMS - Professional Waterjet Cad/Cam Software From Sweden

IGEMS software

Fast and accurate

        Getting right cut angles while maximising your feed rate is not as easy as it sounds. Not at all actually.

         Our strength is to interpret the relationship between the jet and different parameters and turning them into powerful easy to use functions. 

Use less time to cut more parts:

        Waterjet cutting machines have become the most efficient nest on the market. For difficult profile cutting or ordinary cutting, parts can be brought closer together and cut between them instead of cutting parts individually.

5 axiscutting

Bevelcutting from 2D geometry

and 3D models in IGEMS.

Taper control

        Whencuttingwithlow speed, the jet willerodemore material from the bottomof the part thancuttingwithhigherspeeds. Sincewearemaking speed compensations for corners etc. the measurement on the top/bottomof the part is different and the anglewill not be straight.

        By activating the taper control, the jet willcompensate for theseerrors and make straighter cuts. 

Design 3D parts from 2D

        Youcan make standard 2D parts in IGEMS and addcuttinganglesafterwards. It’sperfect for fast programmingwithsimple designs. Youcanalsocreate 3D parts from a top and a bottomgeometry. Whenusingthismethod, youcancreatemorecomplex 3D parts using IGEMS.

3D files

        3D-5X canuse STEP and IGES filescontainingsurfaces and solids. It meansthatyoucancutdirectly on models from your 3D system. (Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge etc.) Just open the file in IGEMS and add a toolpath. 3D-5X is veryeasytousecomparedtoother 3D softwares, even on complexgeometry.


        The 3D-5X parts can be nested just as any normal 2D parts. It’scalculatedwith the different cuttingangles so the jet won’tdamageothernested parts.

I-CAD-a powerful cad to create part with, compatible with other cad format.

I-CAM-to create tool path, lead-in, pierce type, position, set material & thickness.

AWJ-to create part and cut with abrasive waterjet.

5X CAM-import 3D files into IGEMS and place toolpaths on the contour of the model.

CAM TOOLS-to inspect and fix errors from drawings to be used as a base for NC programming

NEST LEVEL 1-to layout same parts on a sheet in order to get as little waste material as possible.

NEST LEVEL 2- nest different parts at the same time on a predefined area of any shape.

TUBE CUT-to cut tubes with either C-axis (need additional rotary axis device) or the tube laying flat on the table.

SIGN MAKER- can take a picture with your camera and automatically use it to generate CAD vectors, or use as a background for manual generation of vectors.

TILE MAKER- developed for the stone industry. It include a special nesting utility for tile making and commands for making inlays (parquet)

OGENIZER-simple but effective SQL database to store parts and other documents related to the part.

Floating license is the network license of IGEMS and can be installed in any LAN network.

DATA EXCHANGE-you can import .wmf, .ps, .eps, .gen, .geo, .igs, .mec, .ord & .tag files, or import your NC code back into IGEMS.

I-CAMERA- It imports an exactly scaled image and places it right on the origo of your drawing, saving time and material.

IGEMS - Professional Waterjet Cad/Cam Software From Sweden

IGEMS - Professional Waterjet Cad/Cam Software From Sweden

IGEMS - Professional Waterjet Cad/Cam Software From Sweden

IGEMS - Professional Waterjet Cad/Cam Software From Sweden




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