Double Cutting Head

Teenking Double Cutting Head Have Different Series Choosing

1. Multi - 3 axis cutting head.

2. Multi - 5 axis DYP cutting or / 5axis 3D cutting head.

For cutting thin material, you can use a small orifice (at this time that he big orifice would lead to cutting speed is slow down). One 50HP pump can support two cutting head is working simultaneous, especially cutting is single species and large number of users, whom can consider double cutting head, which can increase production quantity.

But if cutting thicker and harder material, the need to use large orifice, at this time that 50HP pump can not support double cutting head very efficient, unless to use a large pump, otherwise double cutting head can’t produce double production quantity, it means double cutting is not big meaningful.

Teenking double cutting head design, the user can choose single or double cutting head to cut simultaneously, when select only one head cutting, and another cutting head can be moved to end of the beam, which won’t affect the available cutting range. And when to select two cutting head working simultaneous, the cutting head distance can be set up or adjusted automatically


Due to while the double head cutting water flow is 2 times of single head cutting, so you must choose the big pump with double intensifier or big flow rate pump to support double head cutting efficiency well.





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