Abrasive Hopper

  • A brand-new automatic one ton uninterrupted abrasive delivery system (2T).

The water jet needs a mass of garnet sand for cutting, and the mini sand feeder can only supply 2-3minutes cutting sand, once finished you will need to add it by hand.

But Teenking auto-abrasive system makes use of the air pressure; it can deliver the sand from 5 meters away, it automatically stops once it’s full, and automatically adds when it’s not enough, it is reliable stability.

Abrasive Hopper

Abrasive Hopper

Abrasive Hopper

The 100L abrasive feeding system, can accommodate 150 kg of sand, stable and durable, whit no-sand automatic alarm, maximum of supplying for two cutting heads.

Once the sand in the 100L abrasive feeding system has finished, you have to stop the machine to add sand, to solve this issue, you need ton bags to uninterrupted for supplying sand, it can hold 1 ton of sand in a 800L container, when the sand in the 100L abrasive barrel has finished, then it will automatically deliver sand from the above 800L container, it will stop once its full, and it will automatically re-fill the mini sand feeder, it just take 1 minute for this process, this lets the machine achieve by adding sand with non-stopping the machine.

Teenking can provide 100L/200L/2T abrasive feeder, which can meet with different customer request.





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