Drilling head

Drilling head

There are a certain amount water jet manufacturers produce 5 axis water jet for sale in the market.But how to choose a best quality waterjet cutting machine with a suitable price?I think Teenking is the good water jet manufacturers for you to trust.

Except waterjet cutting machine platform.High pressure pump is one of the most important part.Because it is the part which is highest maintenance rate.Our Teenking Waterjet cutting machine pump with its’perfect quality to win all the customers’trust.Because of its’ advantages for not need maintenance always,stable working situation and low noise.

It also need a good quality high pressure pump to support perfect waterjet cutting.For example,if 5 axis water jet cutting,when it tilt cut or angle cut,if the pressure is not stable, the cutting effect will be bad and maybe is not the angle you want.(If you want 45 degrees,maybe just 40 degrees finally.)If cut sharp angle,the angle will not be sharp and the degree is smaller.

The details configuration of Teenking Waterjet cutting machine pump are listed as below:

1. Equipped with ERTI-USA assembled intensifier

2. Multiple safety protection attenuator

3. Built-in oil fan cooler

4. High pressure dump valve

5. Rexroth oil pump and oil circulating pump

6. Siemens motor/soft starter system

Compared with other water jet manufacturers,with this perfect and high-end configuration,and also a favorable price,Teenking waterjet cutting machine pump is very popular in the market.Not only in 3/5 axis waterjet cutting field,it also support the high pressure cleaning field.Such as use high pressure water to wash the stone/marble,or to Wash off the paint.The standard of Teenking waterjetcutting machine pump is 420Mpa(max pressure)/50HP.But it also other types to satisfy all customers’need.Such as 420Mpa(max pressure)/40HP/ or even to up to 600Mpa(Max pressure)/160HP.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements, we have confident that Teenking is best water jet manufacturer.

The following two condition need to adopt Pneumatic drilling head

1.When cutting the composite material, thehigh-pressure water will come into the middle of the interlayer and destroy interlayer.then need to drill the hole firstly then do water jet cutting.

2.When program need to cutting a large number of smaller hole, but efficiency of waterjet perforation is slower than drilling, thus it need to drilling firstly then do waterjet  cutting.

However the Teenking water jet have already combined drilling hole and cutting, and let it running in a program, as long as to press “ Start”, and the remaining work will be finishedautomatically by “ Teenking water jet “





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