5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 axis beveling  cutting head function is almost same with 5 axis tilted cutting head, but the structure is not so complicated, the accuracy is relatively lower than 5axis 3D cutting head, but the base cost is also lower, it had become the mainstream model of stone and ceramic mosaic industry.

In principle, it is no longer oscillating on the surface center, but on the cutting head’s rod, it means when cutting head swings, the position of nozzle and the height is making changes. So the X -Y –Z axis are interpolated simultaneously make the linkage, therefor programming will be same as the ordinary two-dimension as.

Because there is multiple axis in motion when swinging head is on motion, the transmission accuracy for each axis will affect accuracy of the overall operation, so cutting accuracy of this structure subject to certain restrictions.

Therefore ,”Teenking” Company is using a more accurate servo motor from Japan, with less volume and high precision drive, swing more smoothly, thereby reducing the incision of the corrugated and swing angle can reach 10 degree of higher (The larger swings angle, the lower the accuracy it get).

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head

5 Axis Dyp Beveling Cutting Head





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