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Intensifire Common Fault Handling Method (1)
Jan 05, 2019

First, the pressure fluctuation of the intensifire is large (dropout)

One side pressure drop

1. The sealing surface between the high pressure check valve spool and the valve gasket is not good, or the spring spool is stuck.

2. The sealing surface between the low pressure check valve spool A and the long blockage is not good, or the spool is stuck.

How to determine which end is not well sealed?

Method 1: Touch by hand, feel the temperature difference between the two ends, the end of the high temperature, the sealing effect must be poor

Method 2: According to the fluctuation of the oil pressure gauge, determine the direction of movement of the piston, thereby analyzing two check valves that may not seal well.

Solution: Replace parts or grind to repair flat sealing surfaces

Double side pressure drop 

1. The water shortage of the intensifire (check if the water pressure of the water pressure gauge is normal)

The water pressure on the first stage water pressure gauge is not less than 0.2MPA

The water pressure on the second stage water pressure gauge is not less than 0.4-0.8MPA

Solution: Increase the inlet water pressure.

2. Oil accumulator damage

How to check the quality of the oil accumulator (check the air pressure with the accumulator inflation tool)

Model 4.0MPA   device pressure is 5-7MPA

Model 6.0MPA  device pressure is 7-9MPA

Solution: Replace the oil accumulator