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3 Years Warranty
Jun 19, 2018

(1)  1.5 year warranty period of Teenking water jet machine 

Correct installation process may let the machine run correctly from start, customers often ignored some details during installation, which let the machine have hidden faults from the beginning,.

Each set of TEENKING water jet cutting machine contains free installation and training, this ensures the user can use the machine correctly from start,.

( This free service has time constraints, customers needs to pay half of the provinces of travel, specific terms will be detailed in the contract)

(2)  3- years warranty period of Teenking water jet machine 

In recent years, Most customers have paid more and more attention to the warranty period and the warranty terms, with the continuous improvement of the quality and stability of the Teenking waterjet, so Teenking water jet can be fully 3 years of warranty, so that you in use without any worries


Free installation                               free technical trainings


Kindly remind:

This free service also has a limit of time, customer needs to pay half of the traveling cost from other provinces, and the terms will be detailed in the contract.


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