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How much noise does the waterjet cutter cut when it is cut?
Dec 24, 2018

How much noise does the waterjet cutter cut when it is cut?

        Waterjet cutting generally have a certain amount of noise when cutting. The normal cutting noise is generally 80-85dB. The distance between the sand tube and the cutting workpiece is large, and the noise is far. During the cutting process, the operator must be sure to wear earplugs.

        Does the waterjet equipment explode and blast? All high-pressure parts and components in the waterjet equipment are provided with safety holes. When the pressure is too high, the water will overflow from the safety holes, thus reducing the internal pressure and preventing blasting.

        Teenking  waterjet cutting machine manufacturers will, as always, adhere to the enterprise tenet of "Quality First, Credit First, Service and thoughtful", and establish a brand-new banner in the ceramic deep processing industry with advanced technology, high-quality products and considerate services.

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