Why 3D WaterJet is needed for rock slab processing?

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  • Date:2021/05/31

Compared with traditional building materials, rock slab is a new type of material. Compared with traditional decorative materials such as glass, marble, and quartz stone, rock slab has stronger stability and better comprehensive physical properties such as strength and toughness. The scope of application is wider, and it is widely used in home scenes such as dining table tops, bathroom countertops, wardrobe surfaces, cabinet surfaces, kitchen countertops, etc.

Processing rock slabs is a systematic engineering service, which involves a series of supporting services such as the brand of a rock slab, the size of each brand of a rock slab, the processing equipment of rock slab, the processing technology, the hardware frame, and the glue.


However, many people still have a vague concept of rock slab processing. They don't know what equipment is needed for rock slab processing. Today, I will introduce to you the process and equipment needed for rock slab processing.

Rock slab processing process:

Waterjet Cutting process → dig holes with a CNC waterjet cutting machine→ 45 degrees cutting chamfer by a 5 Axis 3D waterjet→ bonding → grinding and polishing → the finished product.

1. Equipment for Waterjet Cutting process:

The cutting equipment includes rock slab water cutting and rock slab bridge cutting machine (divided into dry bridge cutting machine and wet bridge cutting machine). There are also portable manual cutting machines on the market, but the accuracy is not so high. Waterjet and bridge cutter are so perfect

3 axis and 5 axis Waterjet cutting machine

As a cold-cutting cutting machine, the application fields range from metal materials to non-metallic materials, to slate materials, from natural materials to artificial materials, from food to daily necessities, basically all cutting equipment, in addition, It also has the reputation of "Universal Cutting Machine".

CNC rock slab double saw bridge cutting machine

The main function is to cut and trim the edges in one piece. It is mainly used for rock slabs/ceramics. It can be cut in a straight line. It can cut plates up to 3.2 meters. It has the characteristics of fast speed, no cracking, no corners, etc.

2. dig holes with a CNC waterjet cutting machine

Top 5 axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

The five-axis water jet is mainly used for cutting, 45 degree bevel cutting, digging, arbitrary curve cutting, angle cutting, etc. Waterjet cutting is a kind of cold plane cutting, which can cut any curve on the plane, and has fast cutting speed, high precision, no deformation, small cut and flat, which protects the reduction of various composite materials in the manufacturing process The phenomenon of deformation is improved, and the technical function of cutting stability and high-pressure circulation in the process is improved. This equipment has been widely used in metal, ceramics, stone and glass fields.

3. +/-45 Degree Cutting Chamfer by a 5 Axis 3D Tk waterjet Water Jet Cutting

45-degree chamfering waterjet machine for tilting cut on edges.

The bevel edge of the rock slab is specially used for 45-degree cutting, which can ensure the processing quality. The rock slab is chamfered. The edge of the chamfered rock slab is round and smooth without barbs, which is both beautiful and safe. Choosing equipment with pneumatic design can ensure that the rock slab is not easy to run during processing, and the product does not collapse when it comes out.

4. Bonding Process:

Special glue for rock slab

In complex applications, if it is not possible to directly cut and shape a piece of board directly, it may be necessary to bond the rock slabs, and the bonding of the rock slabs requires the use of professional adhesives. Before the rock board is bonded, the bonding part needs to be cleaned up. Dust, stains, and unevenness will affect the bonding effect. If it is not flat, it needs to be polished, and the bonding area must be increased, so as to better bond and avoid bad conditions.


5. Polishing equipment:

Rock slab shaped edging machine

The main purpose is to process special-shaped edging of rock table, coffee table, cabinet and other countertops. The equipment is suitable for processing round, oval and rock slab special-shaped arc edges, duckbill edges, square edges, beveled edges, and other special-shaped peripherals ( Depending on the shape of the grinding wheel, it can also grind the inner circle, the inner ellipse and various special-shaped cavities. The simple shape can be semi-automatic grinding.

Precautions for rock slab processing:

(1) The choice of the cutting board machine table: keep the basic level, the table is flat and there is no cutting groove.


(2) The choice of cutting board saw blades: Use special saw blades for rock board, and remember not to mix saw blades with other materials.


(3) Keep the sharpness of the saw blade: the sharpness of the saw blade is high, the cutting efficiency is high, and the problems such as chipping, falling corners, and bursting during the cutting of the rock slab are reduced.


(4) Control the cutting speed: pay attention to the recommended table for the cutting speed of the saw blade packaging box, and control the appropriate cutting speed according to the recommended cutting speed parameters.


(5) Maintain the cutting order from large to small size: in case the large size is cut incorrectly, waste materials can be used to make small size products.


(6) Appropriate "top" and "resistance": it can prevent the imagination that the rock slab may burst at the point where the knife is cut when the saw blade cuts the rock slab.


(7) The correct method of unloading the slab: It is better to move the rock slab to stand up, or adopt some special equipment for rock slab transportation to prevent the slab product from cracking from the opening.


(8) The correct order of product placement: large-size products are placed at the back, small-size and small-length products are placed in the front, and the L-shaped iron frame where the product is placed is supported by a thick wooden or slate, especially Pay more attention to the placement of small long rock slabs to prevent the rock slabs from being crushed in the vacancies of the iron frame.


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