What Materials Can Waterjet Machine Cut ? (1)

  • By:Teenking
  • Date:2021/09/01

Well know , the Waterjet cutting machine has a very wide range of uses. Today let us speak waterjet applicated in stone field and glass field. Teenking is a big a professional waterjet manufacture. The water jet machine we produced can cut a variety of materials from food and paper to bulletproof materials and nickel alloys. glass, rubber, stone, plastic etc.

Stone marble, granite etc. and ceramic cutting ( Sone waterjet cutting):

In the stone and ceramic processing industries, the traditional cutting method is usually saw blade cutting. Generally, it can only cut straight lines. When cutting curves are needed, first make a template that meets the size requirements. After preliminary cutting, it is realized by manual grinding. Flexibility It is not high, and it is noisy, dusty, and low in efficiency. 


The advantages of water jet cutting in stone ceramics are obvious:

1. Smooth, high cutting quality, no "burst edge" will be formed on the edge of the cut after cutting;

2. water jet cutting machine, high precision, and uniform seams, which can be used to make very complex and beautiful puzzles and murals;

3. waterjet cutting is fast, product consistency, good interchangeability, can realize the automatic nesting function and improve the working environment, reduce the impact of dust and noise on the operator.

4. As the main processing machinery in the ceramic and stone industry, water jet machine are widely used. Its notable feature is the full curve cutting of royal blue ceramic stone. Common cases include: large-scale ceramic art murals, floor mosaics in the lobby, ceramic art screens, special-shaped kitchen and bathroom countertops, stone art furniture, etc.

Glass waterjet cutting

Nowadays, glass is used more and more in all walks of life. On the one hand, it promotes the development of the glass industry, and on the other hand, it also puts forward more diversified demands for the glass industry and glass products. The addition of water cutting technology provides a quick and convenient solution for the diversity of glass products. Glass is fragile, and there is a lot of waste of material when using mechanical cutting methods, while thermal cutting methods such as laser and plasma are rarely used. Manual cutting methods are less efficient, difficult to cut curves, and even less competent for negative complex pattern cutting. So water jet cutting machine can solve all the question meet.


Water cutting has the following advantages:

  • For flat glass, any geometric figures can be processed by waterjet cutting;
  • The cutting size is accurate and beautiful, and the cut is frosted;
  • No heat is generated during cutting, and the slit will not cause any scratches, which is safe and environmentally friendly;
  • It can cut any curve, no mold is needed, it is flexible and convenient, and the operation is simple and convenient.





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