What Materials are Often Cut by a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

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  • Date:2021/04/20



With its ability to simply move size, miter edges cut sinks, and make tap holes in one operation, waterjet cutting machine is becoming an all-in-one solution to kitchen and benchtop manufacturers.


The wet cutting process eliminates the danger of inaccurate cuts, dust emissions, heat zones, and burnt edges in order that benchtops are often manufactured right the primary time. A full range of products are often cut quickly like reconstituted engineered stone, porcelain, marble, and granite meaning bottlenecks within products are not any longer experienced.




Metal fabricators are choosing waterjet cutting machines over other alternative methods in their day-to-day part-cutting operations. Waterjet provides fabricators and other manufacturers with a particularly versatile cutting process that permits you to chop your full range of metal material with one tool. The cold cutting process once more is where waterjet sets itself aside from within metal fabrication because it can cut parts to high tolerances with no heat stain and no secondary finishing.




Most ceramics, including abrasion-resistant and refractory ceramics, are often cut employing a waterjet cutting machine. almost like glass and stone, ceramics are often very brittle. Some sorts of ceramics are often significantly harder than steel, making them one among the foremost difficult materials to chop. The exceptional versatility of the waterjet cutting process makes it one of the simplest options within the manufacturing of ceramic parts.




Waterjet cutting has become a particularly fast process when cutting glass compared to traditional methods. Waterjet cutting machine is now commonly referred to as the industry standard as a way of choice because it's the foremost cost-effective way of processing full pieces of glass which require shaping or internal cutouts. Other traditional methods like CNC machining are often too slow when cutting glass causing bottlenecks in companies' production lines.


As glass is a sort of brittle and fragile material, the cold cutting process works perfectly for creating intricate cuts without causing cracks or microcracks within the fabric.





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