Waterjet Parquet And Waterjet Classification

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  • Date:2021/07/07

Waterjet parquet is a process of cutting stone or metal with high-pressure water flow. Computer control can ensure that the cutting edge is neat and beautiful. The waterjet cutting machine is used to cut various colors of stone into pre-designed shapes, and then spliced ​​with special glue.

Classification of waterjet parquet:

1. Stone waterjet parquet

Stone waterjet parquet is the use of waterjet to cut various colors of stone into the required shapes. Stone parquet is mainly used in star hotels, large shopping malls, villas, living rooms, restaurants and porches.

2. Metal waterjet parquet

The metal used for waterjet parquet is mainly stainless steel and copper. The color is relatively simple. It is mainly used to make some company or hotel signs, and the combination of stone to combine some parquet patterns.

Waterjet classification:

According to the situation of using abrasive or not, water jet cutting machine is divided into two methods: abrasive cutting and  pure water cutting.


Divided by equipment: Divided into large waterjet and portable waterjet.


Divided by pressure: divided into high pressure type and low pressure type, generally with 100MPa as the limit. Above 100MPa is a high pressure type, and below 100MPa is a low pressure type. The ultra-high pressure type is above 200MPa.


Divided by mechanical structure: divided into cantilever type and gantry type.


Divided into safe cutting: divided into safe cutting and non-safe cutting, the difference is mainly in the water pressure, low pressure water cutting below 100MPa can be used in special industries such as: hazardous chemicals, petroleum, coal, hazardous materials treatment, etc. After a lot of experiments, people have found that when the water pressure exceeds a certain threshold, even pure water will detonate some sensitive chemicals.abrasive waterjet cutting is caused by the potential energy of the sand and the impact force and the collision of the object. The energy can also cause the instability of special chemicals. After a large number of experiments and demonstrations, the threshold is finally around 237.6MPa. Therefore, in the waterjet cutting machine industry, waterjeytcutting above 200MPa is mainly used in the machining industry.





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