Waterjet of 5 Axis 3D Waterjet Cutting Machine

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  • Date:2021/07/22


Product name: 5 axis 3D waterjet machine

Equipment model: TK-G3020

Number of axis : 5 axis

Cutting precision : ±0.05mm

Drive mode : Absolute servo motor drive)/WEIHONG driver system

Control ModelCNC

5-axis 3D Waterjet machine : 5 axis 3D cutting is a high-precision water cutting machine developed by TeenKing Company for precision cutting.

Cutting principle : 5-axis waterjet machine adds 3D cutting head based on the original 3-axis vertical cutting, which can incline the maximum cutting of +/ -65 degrees.


Product introduction

The system of waterjet cutting machine with 3D head greatly improves the working ability of the water jet cutting machine. It not only solves the slope problem of traditional water cutting, but also can easily achieve any Angle cutting within +/-65 degrees.TK - 3D-LH products to achieve no taper cutting, groove cutting, chamfering cutting, curved cutting become possible and fast, and a molding, is the metal, aerospace, rail transportation, military industry, composite materials and other industries the best choice.)


The high pressure waterjet machine is the use of high pressure water energy for cutting processing, high pressure water from the waterjet cutting head jet out, in the cutting process, because the water force is decreasing, will lead to water lag (tail) and the bevel incision, of course, this is the inevitable result of water jet  cutting.


The waterjet is from the nozzle, the weaker its energy is, so the slit of the cutting section is in the shape of an "upside down horn" with a width at the top and a width at the bottom, and the cutting surface forms a certain slope. The faster the cutting speed of the workpiece, the more obvious the situation of water arrow lag, water arrow lag will cause the workpiece size error. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in the performance of the contradiction in precision cutting. In the past, the method to solve this contradiction is to reduce the cutting speed, and such a solution will inevitably lead to low cutting efficiency. Because the existing water jet cutting machine has the above shortcomings, it hinders the promotion and application of water cutting machine in the field of metal finishing.

Product Parameter

Model : Tk-Trump50-G3020-3D-LH

Worktable size: 3000 x 2000mm (Can be customized:

Cutting stroke

Z axis200mm/300mm/500mm

C axis :No limited

A axis:±65°

Angular positioning ±60°

Control system: WEIHONG

Cutting precision):±0.05mm

The power supply220/380/415VAC,3P,50/60HZ220/380/415VAC,3P,50/60HZ

Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.025mm

Maximum operating speed:20m/min

Product advantage

  • High precision vertical cutting
  • Speed to improve the quality of cutting work piece
  • Low production costs
  • The special positioning design improves the positioning accuracy and reliability, and ensures the accuracy of the tool head unchanged after each disassembly
  • CNC control system automatically adjust the yaw Angle, convenient and reliable)
  • The Angle between the axis of the rotating axis (C axis) and the axis of the swinging axis (A axis) is 90°)
  • When the cutting surface cavity, the cutting head can be close to the inner wall of the workpiece and will not interfere with the workpiece)
  • Shaft drive adopts harmonic reducer, which has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy and small reverse clearance)
  • The rotary joint is added on the C axis to avoid the jittering of the tool head and eliminate the cutting error caused by the ellipse of the hole in the sand pipe)
  • Inclined cutting capacity of +/-90 degrees maximum
  • Tilt forward cutting/variable tool compensation control/bottom compensation
  • 3D workpiece cutting (IGEMS support required)
  • For large Angle groove cutting
  • It can be configured on any type of water cutting machine,Teenking, cantilever or gantry






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