Waterjet Cutting Machine and Food Processing Efficiency

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  • Date:2021/04/20

Waterjet cutting machine is often utilized in food production, offering a sterile, accurate, and efficient method of cutting various foodstuffs as a part of the packaging process.


A recent article watching how waterjet cutting helps to drive efficiency within the production of asparagus in Germany fascinated us. We have a good niche reading list.


Why would those involved in food production address waterjet cutting machines on their production line?


The answer, as is so often the case in business, lies within the incontrovertible fact that it drives efficiency, reduces waste then maximizes profit.


Any business during a field is competitive because the food industry, with margins tight, isn't getting to switch to water jet cutting because it’s a trendy thing to try to, or on a whim. They're going to roll in the hay because it's a change that creates financial sense.


The use of the waterjet cutting machine has contributed to a production result that can perform precise cutting without re-adjusting the position of the asparagus. This is achieved through the cooperation of the smart waterjet cutting machine and the camera.


The length of every individual asparagus is calculated, this taking under consideration curvature, and every asparagus then move an equivalent exact length. The length can in fact be changed, enabling the waterjet cutting machine to make asparagus to any uniform length.


The wastage this process prevents is critical, resulting in five percent less waste overall.


Through the nonstop operation, 45,000 asparagus stems are often sorted per hour.


It is expected that the work to upgrade to the present sort of cutting can pay for itself briefly order, then the efficiencies will cause ongoing increased profits.


The project shows the benefits of working in partnership. Changing technology may be a long-term project, the asparagus assembly line improvements taking three years to completely implement.


While these changes could be relatively new within the food industry, similar patterns are commonplace in other industries. Major industries have switched to water jet cutting, employing a waterjet cutting machine is accurate and efficient and cuts in a way that makes no damage to the cut edge.





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