Understand waterjet common sense in one sentence

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  • Date:2021/06/17

Understand waterjet common sense in one sentence


1. Choose a waterjet cutting machine, give a reason first.

Cold cutting:

Multi-purpose water jet machine, available to cut any materials that is not afraid of water

Will not produce thermal reaction and deform the material

CAD drawing, cutting any shape, programming without pressure

Water stream are thin, the most common diameter of orifice in the market is 0.3mm

Layers of materials are able to cut at a time

Multiple cutting heads abrasive waterjet machine can work at the same time, and can also be controlled separately

Abrasive water jet cutters and pure water jet cutter can be switched freely

No burrs on the cutting surface


2. Waterjet machine must cut with abrasive garnet?

Of course not, there are two types of waterjets :

Pure waterjet cutting machine, used for cutting food, paper, plastics, rubber, XPS foam, supple mentary materials, etc.


Abrasive CNC waterjet cutting machine, the most common water jet, needs to cut with garnet and mainly it is used for cutting glass, stone, ceramic tile, metal, harder composite materials, etc.


note: Abrasive waterjet cutting machine, close the sand valve, and can be used as a pure water jet.





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