The increasing demand for waterjet cutting machine

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  • Date:2021/01/23

Waterjet cutting is a process whereby abrasives are used to remove a small amount of material from any surface. It is basically used for cutting down small pieces of material to the minimum possible length by using a high-speed water jet cutters. In general, it involves cutting down material by injecting water into the tool in ajet cuts.

A waterjet cutting machine can be cutting out various kinds of materials with a very high-pressure stream of water, usually with an abrasive material mixed in. The equipment generates a stream of ultra-hot water at very high velocity. This stream of water is used to perform various cutting processes, such as cutting out fabric, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plywood, plastic and paper among many others. Most of these products require a high level of accuracy and precision machining to ensure that the products are cut to correct specifications. While there are numerous techniques used for this kind of cutting methods, a few simple methods are generally followed.

Waterjet cutting machine uses two kinds of machining techniques. One is known as linear accuracy and the other is known as bevel cutting technology. Linear accuracy refers to smooth cutting on various materials by using water at very high speed. Meanwhile, bevel cutting technology makes use of high-speed rotating blades to grind or cut surfaces without disturbing the other.

Waterjet cutting machine offers many advantages over other machining techniques used in the manufacturing process. First of all, it produces more accurate results in less time. Secondly, it offers higher output with lower energy consumption. Thirdly, it is environmental friendly as it does not emit any hazardous gases during the manufacturing process.

The waterjet cutting machines come in different models and capacities to meet the requirements of different users. Some machines are capable of processing thicker materials, while others are suitable for cutting small objects. Moreover, some of the machines are particularly designed for providing precise finishing operations at low temperatures.

On the other hand, abrasive material used to make waterjet cutters can be of various compositions ranging from diamond to silicon carbide. Waterjet cutters are therefore made to work with different types of material. The high accuracy and speed provided by this machine have made it very popular with construction companies, metal fabricators, waterjet cutters manufacturers and other industries.

Waterjet machines are not only used for abrasive substance removal; they also come in handy for drilling and cutting. The waterjet cutting machine has a water hose attached to the cutting nozzle and pumps water into the machine. The hose has a rotary control to start the rotation and to stop it when the water fills up the reservoir. The rotating action of the waterjet machine extracts the material from the hard and soft substances.

Waterjet cutting machines are available in both self propelled and fixed position versions. In the former, users manually move the cutter head up and down the workpiece and in the latter, the water jets are secured in their permanent position. Self-propelled machines are generally more accurate than the fixed position versions due to the increased speed and accuracy. Fixed position machines are capable of precise work but tend to slow down the process as the water flows over the workpiece in lower volume.

The increasing demand for waterjet cutting machinery can definitely be attributed to the growing awareness of people about the Eco-friendly concept and the green movement. Also, the rising number of companies that use this product type can be attributed to the increasing number of Eco-friendly companies in the global waterjet cutting machinery market. Because there are many Eco-friendly products that can cut metal, there is a rising demand for this kind of machines and water jet manufacturers. Companies that are engaged in the metal fabrication industry are starting to adopt greener products that can help them save energy and money in the long run. It can be said that using eco friendly products is not only good for the environment but it can also help the company increase their profit margin as well.





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