The Effect of Water Jet In The Cutting of Ordinary Glass And laminated Glass

  • By:Teenking
  • Date:2021/09/03

In fact, the development of other related industries has also promoted the progress of waterjet cutting machine's processing to a certain extent. For example, when the use of glass products increases, the cutting technology of products must naturally be further improved, and the use of waterjet cutting machine is the solution. This problem is solved. Not only ordinary glass, this cutting technology also brings benefits to the cutting process of laminated glass.

1. Disadvantages of cutting glass by traditional cutting methods 

Glass is brittle product, so traditional mechanical cutting is easy to damage it, resulting in a large amount of material wasted, and the efficiency is relatively low, and difficult operations such as curve cutting and complex shape cutting are even impossible to achieve.


2. The waterjet manufacture is fully capable of processing glass products

 If you cut the dust from the equipment with a water jet cutter, the result will be completely different. For flat glass, water jet cutting can produce any geometric figures. What is more difficult is the cutting size, the beautiful cutting appearance, and the excellent cutting quality. In addition, during the whole cutting process, there will be no heat generation, so environmental protection and safety are also its advantages.

In addition to the cutting of flat glass, the water jet can also complete the curved cutting and punching of the glass, and it does not require a mold, so it is more flexible and convenient to operate, and it will not damage the glass.


3. Waterjet cutting operation for laminated glass

Because there is a layer of plastic in the laminated glass, it is very difficult to cut. Diamond cutters have been used to cut before, but because the upper and lower glass slits are difficult to align, the laminated layer in the glass is not only difficult to cut, but also easy to shrink. The problem of deformation.


After using the water jet machine, even such a workpiece composed of three layers of materials can be cut smoothly, not only without deviation, but without affecting the performance of the material, this technical problem has been effectively overcome.




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