The brief introduction of waterjet cutting machine

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  • Date:2021/06/25

CNC water jet cutting refers to the process of cutting with high-pressure, high-speed water flow, which is mainly used for cutting two-dimensional shapes. CNC water jet cutting can cut materials such as metal, ceramics, plastics, stone, glass and carbon fiber……It also can support pure waterjet cutting,such as sponge, plastic.Otherwise,it also can be used in food industry,such as cut cakes in some special shapes or separate the steak.

CNC water jet cutting can remove material without heat. The debris of the material can be washed away by the cutting water flow, which improves the cutting efficiency.


Itrefers to high pressure waterjet cutting pressurize ordinary tap water to a pressure of 250-400Mpa, and then spray it through a nozzle with an inner hole diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm to form a high speed of about 800-1000m/s. Jet, commonly known as water jet cutting. The water jet has high energy and can be used to cut soft base materials. If you add an appropriate amount of abrasive to the water jet, it can be used to cut almost all soft and hard materials. Adjusting the pressure and flow rate of the water jet can be used to clean various objects, such as removing glue, paint, and rust. We can also use water jet cutting technology for autoclaving, food preservation, and many other jobs that are beneficial to humans. Through the computer fully automatic control cutting, all materials except tempered glass can be cut. The processing thickness reaches 200mm.If adopt the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting,it can also cut the thickness over 200mm.

And it has a good effect that other processing methods cannot achieve in the processing of aluminum plates and non-metallic materials. The cutting accuracy reaches plus or minus 0.2mm without damaging the surface , and cutting the workpiece in a cooled state during processing, without thermal deformation and physical property changes. The cutting surface is smooth and not irritating, the minimum cutting seam is 1mm with fine craftsmanship.


1. It can cut a wide range. such as metal, marble, glass and so on.

2. The cutting quality is good. will not produce rough and burr edges.

3. No heat processing .

4. Environmental protection: Waterjet cutting machine uses water and sand to cut. This kind of sand will not produce poisonous gas during the processing process, and it can be discharged directly, which is more environmentally friendly.

5. No need to change the water jet cutting head. One nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.

6. Reduce burrs.

7. The rapid programming program is mainly generated by CAD drawing software. You can design the line drawing in the layout at will, or input the DXF file generated from other software. In addition, the machine supports third-party software, such as nesting software (using In order to fill the graphics in the workpiece, it can minimize the loss of the workpiece).

8. Fast programming can transfer programs generated by other software into the machine.  It can establish tool paths from CAD, and can calculate the precise positioning and cutting speed of the cutter head at more than 2,000 points/inch (800 points/cm) , All you need to do is specify the material and thickness you want to cut, and leave the other work to the machine to complete.

9. It can be combined with other equipment and can be operated separately. The water cutting machine can be combined with other processing equipment (such as drilling head) to make full use of its performance and optimize the degree of material utilization.





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