The Advantages to Cutting Foam with Waterjet Cutting Machines

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  • Date:2021/04/19

There is a spread of various products and applications that are an excellent fit use with waterjet cutting machines. However, not all products and applications are often treated in an equivalent way. Different water jet configurations are often needed to urge the simplest cutting results efficiently and speed while avoiding damage to the merchandise.


Take foam, for instance, not all configurations are getting to be an honest fit cutting foam. It’s a lightweight, delicate material that needs the care to avoid damage during cuts. Let’s explore the varied advantages and configurations that make cutting foam with water jets fast and efficient.


The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Systems


Interior Cuts Without Exterior Entrances

Water jets allow cuts to be made without starting at the outside of the target and dealing with the within. While cutting foam, waterjet cutting machine can start a cut from inside the froth target, close up the jet when finished, reposition, and begin cutting again.


Computer Programmed

Waterjet cutting systems are computer-guided and programmed giving them a definite advantage versus other more manual cutting systems. Through pre-programming and planning, these systems eliminate errors in mold execution precision cutting. This programming is an outstanding feature because it is copied and cut again and again with unparalleled accuracy.


High-Speed Precision

Due to the pc programming of individual cuts, waterjet cutting machines are ready to move extremely quickly between cuts (often mentioned as “rapids”). This significantly reduces the quantity of time each series of complex cuts takes to finish.


The 5-Axis Advantage

With alternative cutting methods, the user has usually restricted within the types and angles of cuts thanks to the character of the cutting heads. With water jet systems, 5-axis capabilities significantly expand the sheer sorts of cuts you'll perform. For products like foam, this is often an outsized advantage as foam cutting often involves unique angles and maximum flexibility.


Material Stacking, Multiple Cutting Heads, and Load/Unload Systems

Especially relevant when employing a “high rail” waterjet cutting system, material stacking enables the user to stack multiple pieces of froth during cutting allow quite one piece to be produced at a time. Additionally, as many as eight cutting heads are often mounted on the cross beam allowing cutting of several parts within the same machine cycle.


No Product Damage and/or Deformation

Waterjet cutting machine is taken into account as a “non-contact” sort of cutting. this suggests there's no direct contact between the cutting head and therefore the actual product being cut. This greatly reduces the probabilities of damaging the froth product during cutting and reduces the risks of deformation.





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