Teenking Waterjet Machine Introduction

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  • Date:2021/08/13

Firstly : Teenking Company profile

TEENKING CNC MACHINERY CO., LIMITED is a Chinese company founded in 2003 with headquarters in Foshan city and a filial in Hong Kong . As a worldwide producer, TEENKING had CE certificated since 2006, and ISO9001 certificated in 2010, we also passed the reexamine every two years and keep our manufacturing quality in best level. We already owned more than 15 national utility model technology patents, and 3 national invention patents.


Teenking company main water knife cutting machine for sale we have small water knife cutting machine and top water knife cutting machine can let customers have more choices We are holding the advanced high technology for 5 axis Dynamical and 3D Waterjet cutting machine, as well as 6 axis Robotic abrasive/Pure Waterjet cutting system. We are in leading position of designing and manufacturing top quality waterjet cutting equipment in China. 600MPa Ultra-high pressure pump for cutting ultra-thick and super hard materials, and high-efficiency servo direct-drive pump for energy saving.


Secondly: Teenking waterjet product description


TK company is a professional waterjet machine manufacture, and we can provide 3axis water jet cutting machine and 5 Axis 3D water jet cutting machine.  3 axis waterjets have already be widely known by market. So here mainly introduce the 5-axis machine. In fact, the 5axis waterjet can be install DV(DYP) cutting Head and  3D cutting head. Of course, the 5-axis 3D waterjet cutting machine is currently the best-selling in the market, also 5 axis 3D is top class configuration of our products. which can achieve a maximum of 90 degrees horizontal cutting and more bevel cutting at different angles.5-axis 3D waterjet cutting machine there are two additional versions respectively are 3D HEAD IV with height tracker and3D HEAD IV with height mapping scanner. Of course, the produce cost also is higher.


But, 5 Axis DYP (DV) Beveling Cutting Head water jet will be another popular choosing.  Because the 5 axis DV cutting head produce cost is lower than 3D water jet machine, and application field mainly are stone, ceramic tile, marble etc., because this field no need big degree cutting, Max tilting degree: +/-10° the accuracy is relatively lower than 5axis 3D cutting head, but the base cost is also lower, it is the best solution for high quality ceramic, marble pattern, anti-tilt and metal vertical precision cutting process. The additional version is the same as 5 Axis 3D Cutting Head has 5X tilting head + stepping height tracker and 5X tilting head + height mapping scanner.TK-Trump CNC Table High Pressure Pump divided into TK- Trump Gantry CNC Table and TK- Trump Fly arm CNC Table.


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