Is Waterjet Cutting the Proper Fit for Your Custom Gasket?

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  • Date:2021/04/20

Choosing a Process


Choosing the proper manufacturing process for producing your custom gasket is the maximum amount of art because it may be a science. the proper manufacturing partner should be ready to review your design, understand your needs for volume, and assist you to decide the acceptable method for production.


As much as we all wish it had been an incredibly simple decision to work out the proper manufacturing process to fit your needs, there are plenty of considerations that enter the choice. Any manufacturing partner worth working with long-term should have a really thorough Design for the Manufacturing process to assist run through this with you.


Choosing the proper manufacturing process is about balancing all of the subsequent factors:


Lead time


Volume of parts

Quality and/or tolerance levels

Material selection


Often making a choice that improves one factor can have an impact on the opposite factors, so understanding which process to settle on ultimately comes right down to prioritization. Deeply understanding the way to achieve the wants of your design also as understanding what matters to you outside of the planning itself results in the proper choice. which is what the DFM process is all about.


This article breaks down a number of the considerations that might cause choosing a waterjet cutting machine because of the correct manufacturing process. it's meant to supply some general guidelines, but is by no means exhaustive, neither is it a replacement for undergoing the DFM process on a selected design.


How it Works


Waterjet cutting machine works by employing a high-powered stream of water to chop through some pretty tough materials, which may be a little amazing!


Because a waterjet cutting machine may be a sort of computer numerically controlled equipment, it can cut very precise lines, smooth edges, and corners. It also means there are not any hard tooling requirements for using waterjet.


When is Waterjet Cutting a Fit?


Waterjet cutting machine is most frequently used for creating two-dimensional gaskets out of thicker and/or harder materials.


However, depending upon the number of parts being produced, the fabric getting used, the complexity of your design, and therefore the speed at which you would like the parts delivered, waterjet cutting is beneficial across a spread of situations.


In general, a waterjet cutting machine could also be an honest choice for the subsequent situations:


Thick and/or hard materials: Waterjet cutting is that the manufacturing method of choice for thick materials or very hard or high durometer materials because it can handle them better than other methods.


Precise or smooth corners: A waterjet cutting machine can provide the smoothest corners or edges of any manufacturing process.


Large parts: Waterjet may be a great fit cutting very large format parts with high precision.


Short lead times: If you would like your parts faster than hard tooling solutions can turn them around, waterjet cutting could also be the proper fit.


Material waste: Designs that nest well can provide less material waste than die-cutting and should help reduce your material cost.





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