Introduction of Two Types of Teenking Waterjet 5axis Cutting Heads

  • By:Teenking
  • Date:2021/08/20

1. 5 axis 3D waterjet cutting head

It can not only on the surface of the workpiece, follow the internal and external contour of the design figure to cut at a fixed or changing oblique Angle,(In some cases, IGEMS support is required) and the three-dimensional workpiece surface can be cut at a fixed or variable oblique Angle (in some cases, IGEMS CAM support is required). The maximum Angle can reach to +/-90 degree, and the rotation axis is not limited (can rotate indefinitely forward and backward).


Teenking 5axis waterjet with 3D cutting head is the processing industry covers the widest range of cutting tools, can deal with complex processing requirements, for example, high vertical requirements ,compensation for cutting the vertical degree,  cut all kinds of groove, high-precision cutting, even needs to make a vertical or different angle cutting in the same surface or three-dimensional workpieces ,Teenking waterjet cutting machine with 3D head can satisfy all these requirements.

  • Maximum a-axis tilt angle: + / - 60 degrees (can be extended to + / - 90 degrees)
  • Maximum rotation angle of C axis: + / - infinite rotation angle

The most widely used, suitable for all kinds of cutting processing customers. To deal with various complex cutting requirements, Teenking 3D cutting head is your only choice!


 2. 5-axis DYP dynamic cutting head

The 5-axis DYP dynamic cutting head of Teenking waterjet can cut the workpiece surface at a fixed or variable angle (supported by IGEMS CAM) following the inner and outer contour of the design figure. The maximum angle variation can reach + / - 10 degrees, and the cutting accuracy is very high


The 5-axis DYP dynamic cutting head of Teenking waterjet mainly deals with the cutting with high verticality requirements, leaving no arc at the sharp corner, especially suitable for metal precision cutting and also mosaic of ceramic and stone cutting.





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