How to Choose the Proper Waterjet Cutting Machine?

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  • Date:2021/04/09

How are you able to find the simplest waterjet cutting machine? Here are a couple of tips to assist you select the proper quite waterjet cutting machine:


1) Consider What sorts of Materials You’ll Be Cutting

To cut harder materials, waterjet cutting machines will got to add a grit material to the water stream. So, if you routinely cut harder materials like low-carbon steel , aluminum plate, or some sorts of stone, you’ll want to settle on a model of waterjet cutter with an ample grit tank that's easy to load, unload, and maintain.

If, on the opposite hand, you primarily cut softer materials, like wood or thinner plastics, then all you’ll likely need is obvious water. In such cases, the capacity and efficiency of the grit tank aren't as important.


2) How Complicated is the Cutting Work that your Waterjet Cutting Machine Needs to Complete?

On average, how “complex” are the cutting jobs you would like to perform with the waterjet cutter getting to be? If your workshop focuses on highly complicated cutting jobs for custom parts forming, then you’ll probably need a waterjet cutting machine with a “fifth axis.”

This extra axis of control will assist you make more intricate cuts at specific angles once you got to . Fifth axis machines also shine at taper compensation and weld preparation work.


3) Consider Buying a second hand Waterjet Cutting Machine

Quick question, if you've got a choice between two machines that do the precise same thing within the very same way, why would you spend two or 3 times on one machine over the other?

 Well, this is often what happens once you plan to buy a brand-new waterjet cutting machine over a second hand one.Used waterjet cutting machine prices are typically half that of their factory-new equivalents. The increased cost of a replacement machine over a second hand one doesn’t even really provide you any benefits.


4) When Buying Second-Hand Products, Please Carefully Check the Condition of the Waterjet Cutting Machine

Of course, once you buy a second hand waterjet cutter, it’s important to thoroughly inspect it so you recognize what you’re getting. make certain to see the subsequent during your inspection:

The Intensifier. Waterjet cutting machines have a electric pump that's wont to produce the extreme pressure needed for the stream to chop through hard materials. Check to form sure the pump’s seals are in fitness and are freed from leaks.

The Nozzle. is that the nozzle for the water spray in fitness (free of cracks, rust, or dents)? A damaged nozzle is comparatively easy to exchange , but it’s important to understand whether it's damaged before you begin trying to use the machine.

Electrical Cabinet. Are the wires neat and in good order, or is that the electrical cabinet a jumbled mess of random patches that might take forever to sort out?

Maintenance Documentation. A well-cared-for machine should have an extended history of maintenance records telling you exactly what issues the previous operators encountered and the way they were fixed. If the vendor cannot provide the machine’s maintenance documentation, that would be a red flag.

Control System. What quite system does the machine use? is that the interface fully functional, or are there missing controls/functions? A damaged controller will seriously damage the function of the machine.





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