How to choose a good waterjet cutting machine

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  • Date:2021/06/10

1. Waterjet cutting machine, also called waterjet machine, uses ultra-high pressure technology to pressurize ordinary purified tap water to a certain pressure, and then let high-pressure water through a orifice and nozzle, which is used to cut various materials. (So, the water jet is really a universal cutting machine, metal, stone, plastic, glass, rubber, cake, etc...)


2. Waterjet cutting speed

TK waterjet cutting system is different from the traditional Waterjet machine, it has a complete cutting material database, and it is easier to know the cutting speed of different kinds of materials. Everyone knows that only waterjet cutting is not limited by the variety of materials; therefore, it has more advantages in cutting speed for thick materials.


3. Cost benefit

Waterjet cutting machine have another advantage, is that it does not generate heat and harmful substances when it is cutting. Therefore, the material has no thermal effect and is called cold cutting. The cost is very low, less than 10 US dollars per hour. The cost of benefit is indeed very objective. So you are looking for a waterjet jet machine manufactures then reference TK watejet, price and after service is more attractive you.


4. Correct specifications

The size of the water cutting machine can be selected according to the size of the material to be cut in the future, whether it is used for ordinary cutting, parquet, or angled cutting, and then choose a 3-axis water jet machine or a 5-axis waterjet cutting machine, so that it does not cost you money. TK waterjet choosing range is widely according to water jet cutting table size and waterjet high pressure pump.  


5. Future Space

Because waterjet cutting has a wide range of applications, it has gradually become the industry leader in cold cutting machines. The water jet cutting machine only needs a few auxiliary operations, no heating area, no thermal deformation, or mechanical deformation caused by other cutting methods can produce parts, can process complex and changeable products, save raw materials, and get better use. It can cut any material and keep the incision superior to other cutting. Together, these advantages make the future of waterjet cutting machines.





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