How Does a Waterjet Cutting Machine Work?

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  • Date:2021/04/14

A waterjet cutting machine may be a tool capable of slicing into metal and other materials employing a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. Sometimes, waterjets will propel a mix of water and an abrasive substance to enhance the cut. Waterjet cutting machines are extremely useful tools in metal fabrication to form accurate, precise cuts without changing the intrinsic properties of the fabric being cut. Read below for an entire breakdown of how a waterjet cutting machine works.


Basic Process

The process of waterjet cutting is actually equivalent to natural water erosion, accelerated and concentrated. The cutter is connected to a high-pressure pump and water is ejected out of the nozzle. The stream of high-speed water cuts through the fabric because it is blasted. Sometimes, additives like suspended grit or other abrasives like garnet and alumina can assist within the process. the character of the cutting stream is often very easily modified, meaning the tool are often wont to cut a good sort of materials.



Although waterjet cutting machines vary, typically there are seven basic components:

High-Pressure Pump: generates the flow of pressurized water

Articulated Cutting Head: optional computer-controlled add thereon permits angled cuts

Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle: combines pressurized water and granular abrasive to make cutting stream

Catcher Tank: a water-filled tank that dissipates the energy of the abrasive jet after cutting

Abrasive Hopper: provides a metered flow of granular abrasive to the nozzle

X-Y Traverse System: moves nozzle to make the cutting path

PC-Based Controller: permits production of accurate parts with minimal operator experience


Diverse Applications

Waterjets are often used for cutting, shaping, carving, and reaming. Because the character of the cutting stream is often easily modified, it is often wont to cut a good sort of materials from wood to metal. Click here for a full list of materials that will be cut with a waterjet. Tempered glass is one of the few materials that can't be cut with a waterjet, as any cutting mechanism will shatter it.


No Heat

One of the most benefits of cutting materials with a waterjet is that there's no heat required. Therefore, a waterjet cutting machine can cut metal without interfering with its inherent structure. there's no “heat-affected zone,” meaning the metal is going to be cut without harming the metal or changing its intrinsic properties.





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