Do You Know The Water Quality Requirements For Waterjet Cutting Machines ?

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  • Date:2021/07/14

The water required by waterjet equipment is generally ordinary tap water, but the importance of good water quality not only helps to improve the reliability and service life of pump seals and valves, but also plays an important role in extending the life of the nozzle and generating high-efficiency high pressure water jet cutting machine.


The working pressure of the equipment is extremely high, the nozzle is very small, and some small particles, impurities, scaling, and corrosive ions in the cutting raw water will have a certain impact on the service life of the equipment and the processing accuracy. Therefore, the raw water must be processed before it can be supplied. Equipment.


In order to ensure the normal operation of pumps, valves, seals and nozzles, a filter screen or filter is installed at the pump inlet. When the cleanliness of the water source for the cleaning device is low, multi-stage filtration should be considered to reduce the filter screen or filter. Number of cleanings. At higher filtration accuracy, due to the larger resistance loss of the filter, there should be sufficient pressure at the inlet of the filtration system. If necessary, a front centrifugal pump can be installed (especially for pumps with ultra high pressure) to ensure that the suction system does not occur. Cavitation and maintain the continuity of inhalation.


The actual water quality treatment requirements are related to the following 3 points:

1. Water quality of the water source

2. The life of the nozzle used

3. Continuous work of the cutting machine


The device includes the following 3:

1 water softener

2. Permeable water purification device

3. Water dissociation device


There are great differences in water quality in different regions of our country. For example, in most parts of the north, the content of Ga+ and Mg+ in the water is relatively high, thus forming the so-called "hard water". This kind of water quality will actually have a certain impact on the loss of the equipment itself, so the water used by the equipment needs to be pre-treated. It can also be seen here that no matter how powerful the function and use of the water jet is, it cannot be separated from the more or less restriction of water quality.


The pre-treatment of water by the Small Waterjet Cutting Machine includes water filtration and water softening:

1. The purpose of water filtration is mainly to eliminate tiny impurities and suspended solids in the water. Water filtration is usually achieved by multi-stage series-connected filter devices. Usually equipped with three-layer filtration equipment, after three-layer filtration, there will be no suspended matter in the water, and then enter the booster after being boosted by the booster pump. The latter stage of the filter usually needs to be equipped with a pressure difference gauge. When the filter element is blocked and the outlet pressure is insufficient, the system will automatically stop and alarm at this time to remind the operator that the filter element should be replaced in time for system safety.

2. Methods of softening water usually include boiling, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other methods. Take the RH-1000 softener as an example to introduce the basic principles and use of softening.

(1) System function: The system adopts filter, activated carbon filter and security filter in series filter group. Such a combined equipment can not only remove residual chlorine and suspended solids in the water, but also better and effective resin life. The resin used in the water softener can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, so as to achieve the effect of softening the water. And the water softener has an automatic regeneration function.

(2) About water quality testing: In order to facilitate the understanding of water quality, the suspended solids, hardness and PH value of the feed water can be tested with a water quality test agent. This plays a key role in softening the water quality of the waterjet cutting machine.


According to the test, under the same life, use the state of deionized water nozzle. However, it must be noted that excessive removal of impurities in the water will make the water more corrosive, because the elements in the materials in contact with the water will try to replace the elements removed in the water, so the mixed bed dissociation system is used to improve the water quality. Excessive treatment, this will actually be harmful to the use of small waterjet cutting machine.





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