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  • Date:2021/06/10

WaterjetMost people know few people understand.

As early as the 1930s, engineers in some developed countries such as the United States and the Soviet Union began to use ultra-high-speed water jet technology to cut rocks and coal. This is the earliest water jet cutting systems and waterjet cutting technology that we have been involved in. But people didn't notice it at the time. Later, someone registered a patent for ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology, and in the following years, successfully developed equipment through ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology, that is to say, high-pressure water jet machine really happened at this time.


The first ultra-high pressure waterjet machine:

In 1950, Dr. Norman Franz put a heavyweight on the water column for the first time, forcing the water through a small nozzle. He obtained a brief high-pressure water jet cutting technology (many times exceeding the pressure currently used) and was able to cut wood and other materials.


So Dr. Mohamed Hashish

In 1983, a sanding water jet was produced,

He used garnet (a material commonly used on sandpaper) as the sand material.

With this method,

The CNC water jet (containing sand) can cut almost any material.


1. Gantry style:

The X-axis beam walks on the two Y-axis side beams to provide the most stable motion mode. This structure can achieve long-term work and maintain the high-precision operation of the machine tool. It is the method used by most users at present.


2. Cantilever type.

One end of the X-axis beam walks on a Y-axis side beam, and the other end is suspended. This method can flexibly give users space for loading and unloading materials. However, due to the increase of the Y-axis load, the wear of the Y-axis transmission mechanism is aggravated, so the accuracy is The maintenance life is relatively short, and the stability of the cutting becomes unstable as the cutter head moves to the end of the measurement.





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