Blasting 6 Common Waterjet Cutting Machine Myths

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  • Date:2021/04/19

You might already know a number of the advantages related to waterjet cutting machines, like how waterjet cutting is great for creating aluminum parts which waterjets can produce large quantities of matching parts. But as waterjet cutting becomes more common, we’re beginning to hear many questions.


1. Waterjets are just for first-round prototypes and aren’t detailed enough for finished parts.


Whether you would like a basic part for a robot, or an in-depth and complex piece cut for a search prototype, not understanding the accuracy waterjet technology provides can steer you in the wrong direction. Parts cut by waterjet machines don’t need to be flat either. Complex 3D parts and components are often produced also, like gears, electronics enclosures, or one-of-a-kind artwork.


2. Waterjet cutting machines are loud and messy.


When people that haven't seen a waterjet cutting machine in action before picture the cutting process in their heads, it’s often described as intense, loud, and anything but graceful. Maybe we’re a touch biased, but we discover waterjet cutting to be relaxing and mesmerizing.


Cutting above water can cause mist, spray, and a touch of sound pollution, counting on the waterjet’s design. But by cutting beneath a little layer of water, most of those concerns are often reduced or eliminated. However, albeit we receive an order for a project that must be cut above water, the background level isn’t much louder than a household vacuum, so it’s not distracting or disturbing in our facility.


3. Waterjet services are just for large companies.


This myth wont to be true. Most waterjet cutting services are only for large companies because large companies will order waterjet cutting machines and parts in large quantities. But we found a store that can change this.


Sometimes, you simply need one or two parts. And you shouldn’t be financially punished because you’re not an outsized manufacturer. When it involves hobbies or side hustles, buying in bulk doesn’t always add up.


4. Waterjets are limited to the materials they will cut.


Nearly every cutting process has its limitations. Therefore, although we cannot say that waterjet cutting machines can handle any material you want, we can say that they are much more flexible and versatile than most people think.


Despite what many might imagine, waterjet cutting is often used surely absorbent materials also. When performing on materials like foam and insulation, we only use water (no abrasive) powered through tiny nozzles so we’re ready to cut without getting the majority of the fabric wet.


5. Waterjet cutting is just too expensive.


All types of service-based businesses have competition. Sometimes, a business is its own competition. We’ve found that a lot of new customers assume laser cutting is that the cheaper option between the 2.


For example, if you’re working with thicker material, waterjet cutting is usually better for your budget. Other materials that sometimes cost less to chop with a waterjet compared to a laser include aluminum, copper, and other highly reflective materials.


6. I even have ideas but I’m not ready for waterjet cutting services yet.


If you're considering waterjet cutting services, you almost certainly are ready! If you've got a thought, tell us about it! albeit we’re not the proper avenue to require for your project, we all know many people within the manufacturing industry. We’ll assist you to get there.





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