Benefits of Using a Waterjet Cutting Machine

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  • Date:2021/04/19

Whether you have just learned about waterjet cutting machines or products manufactured using waterjet technology, it is always important to fully understand the advantages of using a waterjet cutting machine. This blog post explains five benefits of using a waterjet cutting machine, helping you to form an honest quality business decision.


First of all, we mainly use two waterjet cutting methods, one is called pure waterjet cutting. The other is abrasive waterjet cutting. The difference is that pure waterjet cutting is employed for cutting soft materials like foam or paper by using solely the water stream for cutting. However, in order to perform waterjet cutting, we need to add granular abrasives to the water flow to maintain the normal operation of the waterjet cutting machine. The granular abrasive accelerates the facility of the cutting stream, enabling hard materials like metal or ceramics to be easily cut.


The following are examples of the advantages of five waterjet cutting machines, which can help you better understand waterjet cutting technology.


1. No material limitations

Using a waterjet cutting machine is flexible applicable, cutting nearly any material; composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone or rock, ceramics, and rubber. By adding granular abrasives, the waterjet cutting machine can finely cut materials with a thickness of less than 200 mm.


2. No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

A major advantage of a waterjet cutting machine is that no heat-affected zone (HAZ) occurs thanks to its cold cutting method. Cold cutting can not only ensure a neat cut but also avoid the risk of burns, thereby ensuring the safety of the operator.


3. No material distortion

Through its cold cutting method, the warmth exposure is often bypassed, which is particularly critical for materials like metal, resulting in a fine cut without distortion within the material.


4. No additional finishing process

The immediate high cutting quality ensures a particular result, avoiding a further finishing process. This significantly speeds up the cutting speed and saves time, thereby increasing overall efficiency.


5. No hazardous waste

The entire industry is paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly processes. A big advantage of waterjet cutting machine is that it doesn't create any hazardous waste within the sort of fumes and gases, unlike other cutting technologies.





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