An Introduction of Precision Waterjet Cutting Machine

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  • Date:2021/05/06

Imagine one machine which will traverse materials from 1/16th of an in. thick to over ten inches thick. Oh, many tools can do this , right? What if you'll find a machine that would do this with no machinery switch-out?


One that you simply could change out the fabric while only resetting the program you’re using? Let us to introduce you the precision waterjet cutting machine!


A precision waterjet cutting machine uses a highly concentrated stream of water to make basic or complex shapes. water is forced through alittle hole to concentrate an extreme amount of energy during a small area. The restriction of the small orifice creates high and a high-velocity beam.


A waterjet cutting system may be a computer-driven tool which will precisely and smoothly cut a good sort of materials. This process can produce durable parts with high strength, which is very suitable for the production of functional original parts and final products.


The customer can select from a huge range of materials, supported the strength, conductivity, weight, and corrosion-resistance required for your project.


Are there materials that cannot be cut by a precision waterjet cutting machine? Very few!


Diamonds are too hard to chop . Tempered glass will shatter when it’s cut with a waterjet cutting machine. (This is, of course, what tempered glass is meant to try to to , and why it’s frequently utilized in windshields!)


Benefits of Precision Waterjet Cutting


What makes precision waterjet cutting a far better choice over other cutting methods, like EDM, laser, or traditional water stream?


Cold Water Process


Since the jets are using cold water, there are not any heat-affected areas on the finished product.


Customers can expect no thermal stress, no burning, no melting, no heat-induced cracking, or hardening.


Precision waterjet cutting is particularly helpful when working with softer or heat-sensitive materials, like rubber or plastic. There won’t be any melting or chance of two pieces getting “stuck” together.


Versatility & Flexibility


One of the foremost significant advantages when choosing precision waterjet cutting is that the versatility.


As mentioned above, the precision waterjet is capable of cutting through many various materials and thicknesses. Waterjet cutting is additionally omnidirectional, meaning the stream can cut in any direction.


Complex shapes which will be cut with a precision waterjet cutting machine have virtually no limitations. It is easier to realize complex designs, including tight radii, narrow corners, small holes, irregular shapes and other precise cuts.


Excellent Edge Quality


This precision adds up to savings, as they hamper the necessity for post-production finishing.




Waterjets can perforate most materials with none starting hole, so beginning a project is far faster.


Since the first “tool” used maybe a jet of water, there's no tool-changing necessary when switching between projects or cuts. This lack of various tools can get your project completed faster!




Because this cutting method reduces the requirements for post-processing and does not need to change tools again, the saved costs reduce the cost of customers. Overall, precision waterjet cutting is far less expensive than other cutting methods.


The “Green” Factor


As a chilly cutting process, waterjet cutting eliminates slag deformation and dross waste, both unfortunate effects found in plasma and laser cutting.


Holes and features are often closer to every material’s edge. Due to this accuracy of precision waterjet cutting machine, less waste gets produced. This lack of waste is, obviously, far more eco-friendly.


Even the “scrap metal” are often recycled and utilized in new products, practically eliminating waste.


Waterjet cutting is additionally far more eco-friendly because it reduces the dust and unsafe gases expelled into the air.





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