About the FAQS of Waterjet Cutting Machine

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  • Date:2021/05/14

The types of waterjet cutting machine:

It has abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting machine,And abrasive

waterjet cutting machine including 3 axis and 5 axis waterjet cutting machine

It also has standard pressure waterjet cutting machine,such as 30,40,50HP.And ultra high pressure waterjet cutting machine,such as 80,100,160HP.

If you are interested,Please contact TEENKING water jet manufacturer to know more about the types of waterjet cutting machine.


-How can you choose a suitable waterjet cutting machine?

1. choose a well-known water jet manufacture with excellent quality and reputation.

2. Outstanding after-service

3. Life-long time support for spare parts

4. Your detailed cutting requirements,such as what materials you mainly cut?Do you need angle cut or tilt cut?What is the max.thickness?

5. Your budget to choose a high-end waterjet cutting machine or concise waterjet cutting machine.


-What are the hot problems with waterjet cutting machine

If a good enginee who can take a good care of waterjet cutting machine,it will not have any problems very often.

But it is normally it will have some problem for some time because it is like a car,also have some wearing parts.

1. water or oil leaking to cause no enough pressure

check is it time to change the wearing parts on the waterjet cutting machine head or the intensifier in the high pressure pump.

Check is it broken of the high pressure tube.

Check the joints is it not tight of the waterjet cutting machine head or intensifier.

2. Can not cut through the materials

Check is it enough pressure and also the reversing of the intensifier

Check is it sand-blocking on the cutting head

3. The failure of the software

Contact waterjet cutting manufacturers


-What will affect the cutting accuracy of the waterjet cutting machine

1. The types of the material

2. The dimension of cutting

3. The thickness of materials

4. The cutting speed

5. The most important:the excellent quality and manufacturing process of the waterjet cutting machine


-Preparation for waterjet cutting machine

1. Contact the water jet manufacturers for the requirements of water,air,drain,power supply.

2. Some tool:such as screw driver,adjustable wrenches,allen keys......

3. Forklift:3-5T

4. An operator and programmer who has experience

5. Other :such as hydraulic oil,abrasive,Engine/mechanical oil for lubricating





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