5 Ways a Waterjet Cutting Machine Increases the Productivity of Your Job Shop

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  • Date:2021/04/14

A job shop may be a highly competitive environment. Customers expect very quick turnaround times and adaptability to adapt to their changing needs. To achieve success, job shops must invest in technology that provides them a competitive edge up the market. The waterjet cutting machine improves the efficiency of the production workshop and helps them provide customers with more high-quality and efficient services. They reduce rework and waste and improve the workflow and efficiency of the shop.

A waterjet cutting machine cuts through a spread of fabric types using high water. Often an abrasive is added to the water to extend the cutting strength.


The following 5 ways for waterjet cutting machines to improve work efficiency:


1. No rework required

Many techniques like milling, laser cutting, plasma cutting require rework. a number of these generate high temperatures, which cause Heat Affected Zones (HAZ) on the workpiece. Burn marks must be cleaned from the fabric surface adding an additional step to the manufacturing process. Waterjet cutting doesn't generate heat, therefore bypassing this type of rework and reducing production time.

Certain workshop techniques deform the surface of the fabric which must be cleaned up by deburring. Edge control using waterjet cutting generates a smooth surface bypassing another rework step and reducing production time even further.


2. Reduce waste by nesting

Nesting is that the process of arranging part profiles on a staple surface within the most optimum configuration. The accuracy of waterjet cutting enables parts to be laid out very on the brink of one another, therefore, minimizing waste. Waterjet cutting machines can reduce waste, so they can also save unnecessary costs for your workshop.


3. Make your own subassemblies

Contracting out subassemblies puts your production schedule and quality within the hands of a supplier. You become hooked on their schedule and quality performance, which could negatively impact your customers. Waterjet cutting machines offer you the technical capability to manufacture your own subassemblies. This suggests you retain control of your own quality of labor and delivery schedule to supply the superior service your customers expect.


4. Cut several layers directly by stacking

Waterjet cutting machines can penetrate through very thick pieces of the staple. This exposes the likelihood of stacking staple sheets and cutting them during a single undergo the machine. Stacking staple for production of parts gives your job shop a step-change improvement in production time.


5. Waterjet cutting machines are reliable and straightforward to take care of

Job shops need high availability of their machines to make sure maximum productivity and therefore the ability to satisfy customer schedules. Seals and tubes are easily changed by users without the necessity for extensive training.





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