5 axis 3D cutting head+ Drilling head

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  • Date:2021/06/30

5 axis 3D cutting head+ Drilling head

5 axis 3D cutting head with Italy drilling head.

As we know ,most people know water jet machine can install different kind of cutting head, such as 3 axis waterjet  (3axis cutting head) , 5 axis waterjet cutting machine ( 5axis DYP cutting head and 5 axis 3D cutting head) ,which can applicated in different area and cutting needs.

Today we mainly introduce waterjet cutting machine of 5 axis 3D cutting head with Italy drilling head. Firstly let us learn more about the water jet is with 5 axis 3D cutting head, such as waterjet cutting head  construction and functions and performance etc.

3D Cutting head A,C axis structure

Head Structure

Maxi degree



Maxi Speed



A Axis:


<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed

C Axis

No limitation

<0.025 Arc minute



Full sealed


The 3D cutting waterjet, that is, the 5-axis linkage waterjet cutting, the cutting head can cut the workpiece surface at different angles, and can cut the cutting cross section of the vertical, the inclined, and the gradual angle. Even if you want to cut same program in different degree, then just combine with IGEMS software, then can achieve it. for example.  The four sides of a square can be 20 degrees, 30 degrees 45 degree,  60 degrees.

3D head main applications:

  • Compensation for vertical cutting

  • Eliminate bevel, Cutting out the high degree of vertical work piece

  • Max beveling dgree: +/- 90 degree

  • Tilt head control / various offset control / let compensation

  • Cutting on 3D surface ( need IGEMS software support)

  • Cutting with big angel: within +/- 65 degrees

Cutting head


Main features

Application range



A axis beveling itself(+/-650) and rotating around C axis

(infinite C axis rotation)

1, vertical compensation.

2Beveling cut within +/-650



Very high

Strictly Water and dust proof, design for long lifetime .


Drilling head

Drilling head is in waterjet cutting machine.

Teenking as a professional waterjet machine manufacture, and have widely water jet cutting head application. The following two condition need to adopt Pneumatic drilling head.

  • When cutting the composite material, the high-pressure water will come into the middle of the interlayer and destroy interlayer. then need to drill the hole firstly then do water jet cutting.

  • When program need to cutting a large number of smaller hole, but efficiency of waterjet perforation is slower than drilling, thus it need to drilling firstly then do waterjet cutting. However the Teenking water jet have already combined drilling hole and cutting, and let it running in a program, as long as to press “ Start”, and the remaining work will be finished automatically by “ Teenking water jet “





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